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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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The eternal emptiness and eternal loneliness

We all know that a man is a tripartite being with body, soul, spirit. Each part needs different things to satisfy:

  1. The body needs physical supply, such as food, water, and air.
  2. The soul needs mental supply, such as knowledge, art, philosophy, or literature, or emotional supply, such care, love, or empathy. By the soulish needs of humans, we can tell that humans and animals are different.
  3. The spirit needs spiritual supply which is God. Considering how complex our human body is designed, how much more precious and dedicated the spirit, which is created to contain God, should be? The spirit has only one need, which is God, and only God himself can satisfy such need.

We have to see the heavens were created for the earth, and the earth was created for man. The body is created for the soul, the soul is created for the spirit, and the spirit is created to contain God. Man is the center of God’s economy, and the spirit is the center of God’s interaction with man.

All men seek and pursue something, one thing after another, because there is an empty and void feeling within, which nothing but God can fulfill. For those who do not find or choose God, they pursue career, money, worldly pleasure or lusts, or, they pursue knowledge culture, religion or philosophy at best. They could only find temporary but not eternal satisfaction because they fail to fulfill the reason they were created. For those who believe and seek God, they find eternal peace, enjoyment, and satisfaction, because they fulfill reason of their existence, just like a cup is made to contain water, and gloves are made to contain hands.

Undeniably, man is often empty and lonely. I have talked about the eternal emptiness due to the lack of the vertical relationship with God. Another aspect of human is the eternal loneliness due to the lack of the horizontal relationship with the fellow believers in spirit. Just as body, soul, and body need different supplies to satisfy the emptiness, they also need different fellowship to satisfy the loneliness. Just as body, soul, and spirit, there are three types of fellowship among human beings.

  1. The physical fellowship is the most outward. Consider a friend you hang out all the time, but you barely know him, or only know him in a very outward way, such as his age, address, school, or job, and he knows you the same way. Your fellowship with this person is very shallow and outward.
  2. The soulish fellowship is more inward. Consider a friend you know better, about his disposition, temper, personality, character, or behaviors under certain circumstances. And he knows you the same way. However, even your fellowship with him is quite deep, there is still a deep loneliness within you that even this fellowship cannot satisfy.
  3. The spiritual fellowship is the deepest. When you and your friend call on the name of the Lord, sing hymns, read the words, and fellowship with each other, both you and he touch the Lord vertically, and there is a spiritual fellowship formed between you and him, which satisfy the deepest loneliness.
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