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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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I want to be an Overcomer

May God have mercy on my spirit, soul, and body that
I would not turn away from this path and this vision.
May God have grace on my daily living that
I would find and see Him, never lured into the world and Satan’s schemes.
May God remember my desperate prayers that
I would choose and love Him over all other things.
May God bless my fellowship and testimony in the body that
I would not be stumbled nor stumble other members of the body.
May God count me into His economy that
I may function normally and properly in the body.
May God would not give me up that
I may be filled with Him and be transformed completely.
May God would not forget my determination that
I would pursue Him with no excuses and no limitations.
May God would not forget my consecration before the world that
I belong to Him for His purpose and uses.
May God would not retract His presence,
I would stand for God and with my fellow pursuers.
I would trust and follow Him to the last day of my life.
I would be faithful waiting for His Return.
I would his prudent and wise slave
I would testify Him before the world always.
I would redeem my time to serve Him.
Praise Him! I desire such glorious life.

However, that does not cover the fact that I am a vile sinner!
Oh! Lord! Save me!
I am often weak and lose.
I am often dry and struggling
I am often lazy and harsh.
I am often bored and dead inside.
I am often trapped by knowledge and the world.
I am often occupied by other things.
I am often running out of time.
I am often selfish and self-centered.

Oh! Lord! Forgive my sins and offenses!
I failed to believe you as my guide, even when I just turned to You.
I looked at the outward situations, even when I just touched You.
I fell into the traps of the enemy, even when I was close to You.
I procrastinated to pursue you, even when I needed You the most.
I was discouraged by the high demands of Your commands and charges, .
I was not clear and wise toward the truth even when I enjoyed reading the Scripture.

Your mercy is sufficient! Your grace is abundant!
Your words are rich and refreshing!
Your presence is awesome and enjoyable!
Your person is attractive and sweet!
Your love is tender and gracious.
I will become Your overcomers.
And You will be the morning star to me.

I love and pursue Lord Jesus.
I love and read the Bible and the truth.
I love and treasure genuine believers as my brothers and sisters.
I have burden for the salvation of men.
I have burden for the economy of God.
I have burden for the building up of the Body.
No matter how this world may corrupt,
No matter how my outward situation may fall apart,
No matter how my inward condition may drop down,
No matter how the appearance of the church may corrupt,
I will pursue and enjoy Christ as my protion.
I will gain and obtain Christ as my prize,
Until my last dying day.

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