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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Two entities in the universe

In the whole universe, there is one unique God. In His divine economy, God has a heart desire of a divine romance. And in this divine economy and romance there are two roles: The major actor is the Triune God Himself, processing and working Himself into the church. The major actress is the church, which is all the called and redeemed people being constituted with Triune God Himself. All the rest in the universe are either supporting casts or irrelevant.

God created the universe, heaven, earth, and mankind. He created men according to His image and likeness. He became a man Himself, lived a human life, went through everything a man may face in his life, died on the cross for the cleansing and forgiveness of sins, resurrected from the dead, became the life giving spirit, and ascended to the heavenly and reigning throne. He has accomplished everything and has finished the process. However, all His work in His economy focuses on only one thing, men. He loves and cares about men, desiring to work and constitute Himself into man to be His corporate ex<x>pression. He will gain all of His saved and redeemed people corporately as the church to be His people, house, kingdom, body, bride, His counter part, the one new man, and the golden lamp-stand.

Men were created by God, put before the tree of life, and of knowledge of good and evil, and given a free will to make a choice to choose between God and anything other than God. Starting from Genesis, the entire human history was filled with turning away from God, idol worshipping, corruption, and sinful deeds. Human civilization has been filled by knowledge, religions, laws, and philosophy but God. Even we Christians today living in this world, still have plenty of other things to distract us from God. We still have the same free will that Adam had to make a choice between God and everything other than God. We need to have a vision to see God’s economy, submit ourselves to and collaborate with God. We need to always turn back to God, love Him pray, and fellowship with Him. We need to see that no matter how successful we are in the world, how much fame, power, or money we collect, how educated, wise or good we become, if we are not in God’s economy, we are all standing idle in God’s eyes, being irrelevant or supporting casts that are doomed to destruction and perdition.

We need to see through Satan’s scheme and stratagems hidden in this world or the systems of this world. We need to choose the Lord as our best choice over all other things as our only choice, desire, hope, life, and supply.

There are only two entities in the ultimate universe, God, and the church. God loves the church and has given all for Her. The church shall submit to God as the head, love Him as the bridegroom, and express Him with His inwrought divine elements to be His testimony on this filthy and corrupted world. God is in us and we are in Him. God and the church are mutual abode to each other. God and the church are the divine lovers in this divine economy and romance.

Lord! Grant me a clear vision to see You and Your economy.
Grant me a pure heart to serve and collaborate with You.
It is Your great mercy that You love me and visited to me.
It is Your abundant grace that I can turn to You and enjoy You.

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