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A letter to atheists

Dear many atheist friends

Sometimes I witness wrong perception from the Atheists toward Christians. Although I don’t like to be debates based on opinions since I don’t know any genuine Christian becoming one due to knowledge or debate, let me clarify by telling you the following

  1. We Christians sometimes have questions toward God and Bible, too. But we humbly say that we do not have answers to all question or things happening around us, either. However, we still give our full trust to God and His words. If you think we are stupid, that is fine, that is just who we are. (Think about how many things you take in and believe in without first-hand verification?) Also, you can not ignore the faith and testimony of the 2 billions Christians today. But I hope you at least know that Christians hold no evil intention in doing what we do, such as preaching gospel, or helping others. You may think our not-so-evil intention may lead people astray or lost, but in that sense, we at deserve open discussions.
  2. Evolution is a hypothesis that many scientists “believe” or agree to be the best explanation so far with current evidence. However, it was not directly observed or witnessed nor does it have sufficient evidence to convince everyone, including non-Christians. Science is a framework or approach of studying material things within certain scope, not the answer to everything. There are limitations to science. For instance, we cannot do scientific study on another universe, where physical laws may be very different. Also, there are many things cannot be explained by science, such as human minds, even though some scientists believe it can. However, until then, let’s say that science cannot explain how human minds work.
  3. The debate between Christians and Atheists is not a fair one. Since Christians believe in the spiritual realm, but atheists reason in the material realm. It is like a mathematician talking to a historian. In a debate, an atheist may totally defeat a Christian, but that will not change his faith since knowledge was not something to make him or her Christian in the first place. At the spiritual level, a Christian cannot help an atheist to be touched by God if he refuses to pray and turn to God subjectively. Our Christian life is centered on real and subjective experiences. It is like I know the existence of a hamburger by eating it, not by scientifically analyzing it.
  4. I often witness Christians and atheists attacking against and defense from each other. It really does not have to be this way. Even though we may not agree with each other, I believe both Christians and atheists hold no evil intention in their respective beliefs. From Christians’ point view, we are trying to save you, not intentionally sending you to hell. And you are trying to lead us back to the correct track in your view, right? Let’s at least respect the good and noble intentions in that, and have some friendly and cool discussion.
  5. Attributing some Christians’ misbehaviors to God’s fault is not fair. Remember, all Christians admit that they are sinners saved by grace, and Bible says very clearly that some Christians will have bad conducts, or even turn away from God. Eventually, each individual Christian will be judged before God. It is not as simple as “Go to heaven if you believe, or hell if you don’t.” Some atheists often attack Christians because of Roman Catholic Church’s wrong deed in the history. But do you know that the Bible had already prophesized and condemned what Roman Catholic Church had done. Do you know that many genuine Christians were killed by Roman Catholic Church? I believe that as long as a Roman Catholic member believes Jesus is the Lord, he or she is saved and is my brother or sister, but I also believe that Roman Catholic is a human organization, not part of the kingdom of God.
  6. This point may be a little strong. But I have to recommend atheists to be a little more humble, not to God, but to the universe, the world, and your own body and mind. The fact is that we don’t see everything very clearly and we don’t full knowledge of everything. Think. How often do we change our opinions? How different our opinions are, even among atheists? How little we know about this universe, our physical bodies, not to mention our minds? We don’t know why our heart beat 70 times every minute until the day we die. We cannot stop our hair from growing nor falling. We don’t understand the one sitting next to us. Sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Can you at least believe that we are limited in our knowledge, our physical presence, and our mental capacity? If you agree, then how can you say that you know better than God, or you are more loving or tolerant than God? I think agnostic is a more reasonable choice if you are a science-minded people. (A scientist hypothesizes and verifies it experimentally while honestly admits the limitation of current knowledge.)

Best regards,

A Christian

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