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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Foundation and Ground of the church

Before I say anything, I need to emphasize that when we speak of the church, it should include all the believers throughout the ages. Even when we speak of the church in Davis, it should include all the believers in Davis. For anyone who bear the 7 “one”s, he or she is our brother or sister for God has accepted them.

The only receptive criterion is simple and open: we receive whoever God has received. We can call anyone our brothers and sisters once they are saved and regenerated. We dare not to exclude any genuine member of the body of Christ. Our reception is open, but we need to see that the ground of the church is very strict.

We have seen that church is the building of God, His magnification and extension, and it is extremely precious in God’s eyes. We need to see how significant the oneness, the foundation, and the ground to the church are, because they are the prerequisites for the building up of the church. Throughout the history, the Lord has recovered many aspects of the truth, such as justification by faith, truth concerning salvation and regeneration, how the Old Testament typified the reality in the NT, the Lord’s return, and even many aspects of inner life. And our vision is built and developed on top of the vision which was given to them. Today, however, the Lord is recovering the truth and practice of the unique oneness, if we lose or fail the oneness, then there is no Lord’s recovery. Oneness is the first thing the Lord wants to recovery at this age.

Now it becomes very clear to me that the unique foundation of the church is Christ, and no one else may lay another foundation. The ground of the church is locality, where our standing is. From God’s prospective, it is very clear to me that there is only one God; hence there is only one universal church. God only has one body and one bride, and this unique body and unique bride is the church. But from man’s prospective, it is not very clear to ones in their natural concept. Before, I did not quite see this truth so I was actually stumbled on this topic for a long time. But now the most precious thing to me, or the most precious lesson I learned is the ground of oneness. First of all, the church must have the presence of the authority of the Holy Spirit. Second of all, the church must have the ground of localities. Now I know that the church is universally one and should not be divided by any means. Christians cannot divide because of different practices, different spiritual giants, different races or nations. The only thing allowed by God that can prevent us from all Christian meeting together is distance. Hence God in His wisdom sets up locality as the ground of the church. That why when Bible names churches according to their cities, not nations, provinces, nor counties. The church is not an organization, having no names.

Since I really treasured the ground of oneness, I treasure it to a point that I almost take it as a doctrine. But by reading the message this week and by fellowshipping with the saint, especially saints from Pullman, I saw more that the reality of this unique oneness is in the Triune God, is of the Triune God, and is the Triune God. Because God is one, and oneness is one of His divine attributes. We are all individual Christians but when we come together as the church, we are not trying to reach agreement or peace among one another and to avoid disagreement. Even on the ground of locality, we are not trying to reach oneness by all standing on the ground of locality, which is the normal appearance but not the reality. The reality is that we all enter into the Triune God, enter into our spirit, and God be built into us, and we are built together by the Triune God and be built into the Triune God. This unique oneness is the same oneness that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit has. Oh! Lord, praise you for the oneness! Praise You for the foundation and ground of the church. Praise You for the church!

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