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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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One busy week in East Coast

7/28 Fri: Depart from Sacramento, transfer at Twin City, arrive at New York (LGA) at 10:00pm, recieved at Br. Liu’s house at Flushing, Queen


7/29 Sat:  Leave Queen by Metro 7 at 8am, visit MAT, Central Park, Museum of Natural history, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Time Square, Rockfeller Center, New York City Public Library, St. Patrik church, Five Ave, Madison Ave, Soho Village, Ground Zero, New York City Hall, arrive Grand Central at 3pm, Take Metro North to New Haven, the end at 4pm,  arrive there at 6pm. Picked up by Chao Chun Liu, and Br. Han, a Yale EE professor. Attend there small group meeting, met some saints, and enjoy the dinner, fellowship on Ephesian 2. Received by Br. Wang Pong, a Yale environmental science phd student. Had some fellowship with him.
7/30 Sun: Br. Wang drove me around the Science Hill of Yale University. Attend the Lord’s table meeting at church in New Haven, fellowshipping on Shepherding and love. Had pizza for lunch with Br. Liu and Br. Han. Br. Liu then showed me around the old campus, telling me about the Skull secret society, Yale student commisioner to China, Br. Liu’s performing hall. At 4pm, I rode with Br. Wang to New Jersey, arrive there at 7pm. Picked up by Sr. Chen along with Br. Chen from New York. Both are are buring and praying in spirit.
7/31 Mon: First day of training, I cried at the end, got a number for being vital
8/1 Tue: Serving food, sweat a lot
8/2 Wed: Got a number for immigration
8/3 Thu: Help making ppt slides, did not sleep until 2:30am, read my consecration in public, got a number for full-time service
8/4 Fri: 

8/5 Sat: Regional Fellowship on campus work, corporate declaration.

8/6 Sun: Lord’s table meeting, depart, drove with Br. Chen, Br. Liu, and 10 other saints from Berkeley to Boston. Drop by Yale Universit during the trip, have dinner there, too. Recieved at Br. Keith house, who graduated from MIT, working in a financial company in Boston.
8/7 Mon: Drop by new meeting hall of church in Cambridge under construction by 10+ brothers, take Subway to Harvard, take subway to Boston Chinatown, treated lunch there by Br. Chang’ sister, walk around Boston downtown, port, and river, take subway to MIT campus. Love feast at church in Cambridge old meeting hall. Meeting and fellowship after the dinner. Met some local saints, and some from Taiwan.
8/8 Tue: Wake up at 6am, meeting at old meeting hall, other 12 people divide into 3 groups. 1 car to New Ark Airport, 1 car to PHL airport, and Br. Tham and me took the Chinese-run shuttle to Manhattan Chinatown in New York. Met a college student on the shuttle, invite him to have lunch together, preach a little gospel. Take Metro 5, then 7 to Flushing. Transfer to airport by bus Q48. Arrive the airport at 3pm, wait until 6pm. Transfer at Twin city again, Arrive SAC at 11pm.


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