• Christ and Church Life and Building Spirit and Bride


    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Some Spiritual principles based on my experiences


  1. Our conscience must be clear and our intentions must be pure to have an open, sweet and clear fellowship with the Lord. Our conscience is cleared by fully confessing our sins through the efficacious blood of the Lamb. Our intention of our every action is purified by loving the Lord with our first and best love.
  2. Praying and Reading are the two most crucial things to all Christians. We pray to receive life as our breath, peace, joy, and grace. We read to receive revelation, guidance, and light to be our food and supply. The reality of life and truth is Christ Himself. Praying without reading, our spirit may become loose and unconstrained. Reading without praying, our spirit may become rigid and deadened.
  3. By eating and drinking of the Lord in His life and words, our old and human preferences, opinions, traditions are spontaneously replaced by His new and divine life and nature. Gradually, we lose the sense of right and wrong and our confidence in the flesh, opinions, sight, and natural ability, and then we start to follow and believe the inward guide and lead in spirit.
  4. The very center of the universe and God’s economy is our human spirit. We turn to our spirit so as to touch God’s burden, to confess our offenses, to learn God’s teaching, to receive the anointing of the Spirit, and to submit to His demands in life. This is where the battle between God and Satan takes place. We overcome not by our flesh but through the blood of the Lamb, His abundant grace, and His bountiful supply in spirit. All the real and valuable lessons are taught by the Lord in Spirit.
  5. The real spiritual growth and maturity is gradual, spontaneous and not-so-obvious to our own. The difference between good and divine attributes is in the spirit. We may express meekness, humility, love, and righteousness yet in ourselves, in which a spiritual man can tell the difference. But if we are in spirit, we are able to express above divine attributes in reality with not intention nor awareness.
  6. The Lord’s burden for men and the church is immense. He is very firm and inflexible in keeping our normal relations with other people. He asks us to resolve any uncomfortable, conflicting, and negative feelings toward another, and He also asks us to forgive, not to judge, and not to condemn another. He commands our love for one another from the beginning, and He also demands us to pray for people for their salvation, growth, and practical things.
  7. The body sense is very subtle and fine. First we need to identify our order in the body by finding out who our spiritual authority in life, and then we listen and submit to them. Secondly we need to identify our own portion and gifts so as to function in the body for the building up. Such gifts include preaching the gospel, shepherding the young ones, prophesying in the meetings, teaching the truth, deciphering the Scripture, practical serving in the church, or receiving travelers. Third we need to keep the oneness of the Spirit by thinking the one thing, having the same mind, and not deviating from the teaching of God’s economy. The development of this sense requires time to blending, the dealing and denial of the self, and the maturity in life. Theoretically speaking, we just need to grow and mature in life by eating and drinking of Him. But practically speaking, we need to spend time by blending, praying, fellowshipping, coordinating, and serving together.
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