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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Shepherding according to God

To shepherd according to God, we need to become God in life, nature, expression, and function.

In 1 Peter 5, the Lord charges us to shepherd the flock according to God. Hence, we cannot doctrinally teach our concept, philosophy, or tradition to people in our shepherding, but organically dispense Christ as the real life, love and supply. We cannot shepherd according to our preference, opinion, interest, purpose, or disposition but according to God’s nature, burden, heart, desire, and way. With ths vision, the only way to shepherd according to God is actually to live God and to become God in life, nature, expression, and function.

For us to become God in life, the Lord has given us the eternal life and the authority to become the children of God because we have received Him and believed into His name so we were begotten not of blood or flesh, but were regenerated of God with His divine life (John 1:12-13, 3:15). Even today, by eating and drinking of Him, we shall grow and live because of Him just as He lived because of the Father (John 6:57).

To shepherd according to the God’s loving and forgiving heart, we need to become God in nature. Our being has to proper before we can do a proper shepherding work: the Lord commanded us in John 15 to abide in His love even as He abides in the Father’s love, and to love one another even as Christ have loved us (John 15:9,10, 12), we shall have mercy on our others even as Christ had mercy on us (Mat 18:33), we shall purify ourselves even as He is pure (1 John 3:2-3), we shall learn from Christ to be meek, humble, and low in heart (Mat 11:29), we shall lay down our lives on behalf of the brothers because He laid down His life on our behalf (1 John 3:16), we shall forbear and forgive one another even as Christ forgave us (Col. 3:18), we shall not to please ourselves because Christ also did not pleased Himself (Rom. 15:1,3), and we shall receive one another, even as Christ also received us (Rom. 15:7).

To shepherd according to the God’s seeking and shepherding spirit, we need to become God in function and expression. We shall follow the Father’s will and be led by the Spirit as Christ did, we shall take up the cross and follow Christ (Mat16:24), we shall pray and serve like Christ did, we shall preach the gospel and teach as Christ did, and we shall shepherd God’s flock according to God.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our only way to be holy like Him, and our enjoying, eating and drinking of Him is our only way to live God and to become God in life and nature. At the return of the Lord, we the children of God will be manifested like Him because we will see Him even as He is.

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