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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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The present need for the Lord’s recovery in my view

All the following points are based on my own experience and current observation. We have repeatedly prophesized and fellowshipped on the high-peak of the truth and God’s eternal economy over many years. Any saints with a little heart to pursue could probably recite the following without thinking: God became a man to make man God in life and nature but not in Godhead. We also emphasized again and again the high-peak truth, and building up of the body of Christ. However, how much reality do we have? how much vision do we really see? How much Christ has be formed in us? How much the body has been built up? How much love is manifested among us?

As a brother in the Lord’s recovery and a member in body, I would humbly point out my observations out of a pure and loving heart, not out of an exposing and offensive spirit.

1. Truth, revelation, and vision:

We need to get into the truth by reading the Bible. However, the truth is not only about reading the Bible or gaining more scriptural knowledge. Our person needs to proper to read the Bible properly. Anyone who thinks he or she understand the Bible or Bible is easy to read is arrogant. We need have a pure and clean heart before the Lord to read and understand Bible properly. We also need the spirit of wisdom and revelation to receive revelation and vision. We cannot use our natural or earthly intelligence to read the Bible, but use our heavenly and divine wisdom to touch the spirit in the words. We could read the same scriptures again and again without any appreciation of God’s economy, without seeing any vision of the truth, without touching God Himself at all. We need to really see that Christ is the centrality and universality of God’s eternal economy. And the church is the extension, the increase, and the magnification of Christ.

2. The first Love toward God and mutual love toward one another

We need to readjust our heart and love toward the Lord again and again. For our purity relies on the purity of our love toward God. Every thing we do, every service we offer, every prophecy we speak, every shepherding we carry out, every prayer we offer should be because we love our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Any intention other than our love toward God is impure, natural, earthly, and fleshly. After experiencing God’s love toward us, we may love others with the same divine love. Loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves is the two greatest commandments in the Bible. I cannot emphasize the point more. We need to see how the Lord has loved, forgave, received, had mercy, graced, and covered us, and we need to do the same to others. Love is the building agent and glue between two souls. Love is the greatest power to change another person. Love is the shortest path in doing anything and connecting people. Without love, there cannot be any life growth. Without love, there cannot be any building up.

3. Growth in life

We should always seek the growth in life. We should set our priority on growth of life over all other things, such spiritual gifts, increase in knowledge, and devotion. We need to see the divine life in us. All the spiritual growth happens in our spirit. The Lord begotten and regenerated us in His life, raised and fed us with His life, and shepherded and cared us with His life. Eventually the corporate growth in life will mature and consummate in the New Jerusalem. The Lord’s love toward us is fully manifested in His desire and hope for our life growth. We should always emphasize and purse life growth life over gifts, abilities, and work. For the true maturity in life will issue out the genuine gifts, and work.

4. Oneness in the body

The oneness is the highest priority in God’s economy. God may not care which method is better, which judgment is right, or which work is more efficacious, but He cared about the oneness and the one accord. I cannot express why but I fully believe that the time when all Christian reach oneness and one accord is the time of the Lord’s return. The oneness is God Himself applied to our Spirit so we may give up and forget our preference, opinions, backgrounds, social status, and age. The moment of breaking our outer man, of giving up ourselves and our natural disposition is the glorious and exultant moment when the Lord’s glory is manifested. We cannot participate in any divisive work, we cannot stumble any other member, we cannot feel we our superior or different among the saints, and we cannot look down on any other members. We do need to follow the lead in our spirit, be submissive to the Lord and His deputy authority in the body. We need actively enter into the oneness within the body. We need to enter into other members’ burden. We need be joining in soul and be built up in love. We need to keep the peace, harmony, and oneness by all means. We need to have this deep realization that we are one member of the body, one sheep of the flock. We need to see that Christ is me and in my fellow brothers and sisters. We need to see that they need me and I need them. We are all indispensable and irreplaceable from one anther. Praise the Lord for the oneness.

5. Mutual shepherding and perfecting

Shepherding leads to life growth and life growth leads to the building up of the body.

6. Functioning of all the members

All members need to function, serve, and prophecy. Everyone has their unique portion and special gifts in the body. We cannot replace or rob other members’ portion by speaking too long or doing everything ourselves. The Lord’s glory is manifested when all members function actively and livingly. We need to learn to appreciate each member.

7. Intercessory prayers

We need to see that the Lord is the One who was, who is, and who is coming. He is the might God who has accomplished everything for us, who is operating all things according to His good pleasure. Today He is sitting on the right hand of God’s throne who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. In His earthly ministry, He lived a genuine and perfect human living and accomplished the redemption on the cross, terminating all the negative things in the universe. Today in His heavenly ministry, He operated and lorded over all things. However, He desires our cooperation with Him in our prayers. This is principle of incarnation. Again we need to deal ourselves before the Lord

8. God-man living

Having hearing and seeing the truth, we need to walk and remain in the truth and in the light. We need have a regular and constraint living. We need to have a clean conscience toward God and men. We need to walk according the truth and live worthy of our calling.

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