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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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An emotion-filled praise

Oh! My Lord and my God.

I love You. I desire an close and intimate fellowship and communion with You.
Please open my eyes and ears so I may see and hear You.
Please calm my mind and remove all noise around me so I may find You.

Thank You for all Your love, mercy, grace, and all-sufficient provision.
Thank You for all the seeking, sanctifying, and transforming work over the years.
They are truly Your free grace since I deserve none of them.
I continuously and consistently betray and turn away from Your presence.
Yet You always bring me back to the flock and heal my wounds with Your love.
You have been with me along my journey and You hold my hands at each step.
My heart starts to know and trust You. Indeed, I am very grateful.

Lord! Now I know Your salvation. My heart does sing for joy.
Thanks for revealing Your purpose and economy to me.
I know You want to mingle and unite with me.
I know You want to build up the church as Your dwelling place.
I know You want to grow the body up as Your manifestation.
I know You want to beautify the bride as Your counterpart.

I know You want to establish the New Jerusalem as Your eternal and corporate expression.

The task is not easy. But I praise You for Your wonderful and miraculous ways.
I praise that You will accomplish and gain what you are after.
Lord. I give all the glory to You.

I thank for Your words.
You are the living Word, the reality of the all wisdom and truth.
You are the Word became the flesh.
You are the real light and salvation.
Oh! You are the reality of all things.

I thank for Your incarnation as the flesh.
You were born, lived, and died.
You showed us God’s ways with Your very being and person.
You genuinely lived out and taught us God’s commandments.
Oh! How You loved us.
God’s love is fully manifested in Your incarnation to be with humanity,
Your living, dying and shedding blood for us.

I thank for the sending of the Holy Spirit. How wise are You!
You know we would forget and ignore Your words and teachings.
You came as the Spirit to dwell and abide in us in such as real and intimate way.
You came as the life-giving Spirit to dispense life into us so we may mingle with You.
You came as indwelling Spirit to continuously anointing us from within.

Oh! God! I thank for my human spirit.
You dwelt in the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle in the Old Testament.
Today, our spirits are the holiest place and Your dwelling place.
I can go to Your presence when turning myself to my spirit,
where I can find the inner peace, wisdom, love, and joy.

As I know You, I find the true meaning of my life.
You give new meaning to every thing I see and I do.
The world is never the same. It is true regeneration and transformation.
As someone who knows You, I feel sad for those who do not know You.

At the end, I thank for everything You have provided me.
I love and worship You as my Creator, my Savior, my Lord,
my Shepherd, my Healer, my Friend, my Head,
my Father, my Brother, and my Husband.
I thank and praise You as my eternal Stand, Shield, and Land.
my soul’s health, my grace, my joy, my peace, and my all and all.

Lord! Be more real to me. Make me more like You.
Grant me a clear conscience to know my lacks and my sins
even though I know very well that You are forgiving and forgetful.
Give me a heart to suffer like You for self-sacrifice is the path to satisfaction.
Reveal Yourself to me so I may know You.
Do not let pride blind me, or anxiety cloud me.
All my pride and arrogance would sink in shame and humility before You.
I alos pray for a faithful loyalty to serve You but not according my my will but Your grace.

Oh! You are my love.
I cannot say You have all my love yet but that is what I desire to say one day.
You are all my answers and conclusions.
You are all and all. I praise You, my Lord.

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