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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Life and Building

Life and Building are the most essential and profound truth concerning the believers. Actually they are the two aspects of the same thing, which is Christ. Christ as the mingling of God and man., went through the process of incarnation, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, and became the compound, all-inclusive and life-giving Spirit. Today the Triune God as the Spirit is factually and subjectively dwelling in all His believers so as to teach, instruct, enlighten, empower, guide, heal, and most importantly, dispense life into His believers. The adding, working, constituting, and maturing in life would result in a building, or built church. On the one hand, the growth in life issues out the building of life. No life, no building. On the other hand, the building itself also nurtures and causes the growth of life in her members. To sum up, God is life; the Father is the source of life, the Son is the course of life, and the Spirit is the flowing out of life. As the life being added into all the believers, the church in being built up in life.

  1. Devotion: Devotion is our exercise of piety, but life is Christ living in us.
  2. Good Behavior: Good behavior is our doing, but life is Christ lived out from us.
  3. Power: Power is for work, but life is for living.
  4. Gift: Gift is the ability for function, but life is the divine One in us.
  5. Growth in Knowledge: Growth and increase in knowledge is not the increase of God.
  6. Human Life: Human life (bios and psuche) is mortal, but life (zoe) is eternal.


  1. Life is the first and basic attribute of God, which is indestructible, incorruptible, without beginning, without end, and eternal.
  2. Life is God’s content and flowing out.
  3. Life is Christ, the embodiment and expression of God, the mingling of divinity and humanity.
  4. Life is the life-giving Holy Spirit.
  5. The life is the resurrection and ascension life of Christ.
  6. Life is the Triune God dispensed into us.
  7. God the Father is the source of life, God the Son is the course and embodiment of life, and God the Spirit is the flow of life.
  8. The building up of the body is the growth of life, the body is the fullness of life, and the New Jerusalem is the consummation of life.

Life and building are the basic and interwoven elements in the Bible

  1. God’s economy is to gain and build the church
  2. Life is for the building and building is of life
  3. Life is the content, and building is the expression of the content
  4. Life is the procedure to obtains His building
  5. Life is the maintenance of God’s building

How is the church built in the process?

  1. The church was conceived when Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into the disciples after His resurrection.
  2. The church was born when the Holy Spirit poured out to the disciples at Pentecost.
  3. The church is the assembly of all the called and saved ones throughout the ages across the earth.
  4. The ground of the church is the locality within each city, and the foundation of the church is Christ, and Apostles’ teaching on Christ.
  5. The oneness of the church is the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace.
  6. The growth of the church is the mingling of the divinity and humanity in spirit.
  7. The building materials of the church are the transformed and sanctified precious living stones.
  8. The building of the church is the knitting and joining together of each member of the body unto the Head.
  9. The consummation of the church is the New Jerusalem.

The nutrients of growth and building in life

  1. Love: Love is the most effective agent in knitting and joining people together.
  2. Peace: Having peace with God and men holds the building together.
  3. Gifts given by Christ: Gifts are people who are willing to be captured by Christ and take the way of crucifixion.
  4. Operation of each one part: Every member functioning, serving, and prophesizing build up the church.

Why the church is so central to God’s economy?

  1. The built church is God’s original intention and ultimate goal.
  2. The church being built is God’s way and procedure of obtaining His building

The New Testament believers should be filled God’s life to be His organic and corporate expression, extension, expansion, and manifestation and enlargement.

  1. We are regenerated in God’s life
  2. We receive God’s eternal life
  3. We individually are God’s sons and daughters
  4. We individually are the household of God and the brothers and sisters of Christ
  5. We corporately are God’s cultivated land for life to grow
  6. We corporately are the house and the dwelling place of God
  7. We corporately are the tabernacle and temple of God
  8. We corporately are the kingdom of God , in which God reigns with authority.
  9. We corporately are the city and wall of God for protection and sanctification.
  10. We corporately are the body and the fullness of Christ
  11. We corporately are the bride and counterpart of Christ
  12. We corporately are the warrior of God
  13. We corporately are the one New man
  14. We corporately are the golden lamp-stand of God
  15. We corporately will be the New Jerusalem of God

How does God obtain His Building?

  1. By purposing in Himself according to the counsel of His will
  2. By calling His believers into His name
  3. By forgiving and cleansing the sins, sanctifying, propitiating and reconciling men to God, and justifying the believers in faith
  4. By baptizing all believers into one Body and by having them drink one Spirit
  5. By making home in His believers’ hearts through faith
  6. By dispensing, mingling, and filling His life into His believers
  7. By sanctifying and cleansing the church by the washing of the water in the word
  8. By transforming, sanctifying and renewing the believers into precious materials
  9. By enlarging His Body in resurrection life and by changing death into life
  10. By bringing God into man in His first coming in His earthly ministry and by bringing man into God in His ascending in His heavenly ministry
  11. By strengthening His believers with power through His Spirit into the inner man
  12. By causing the life growth of the believers, by heading up all things in Christ, and by building the Body up in love
  13. By giving some as apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers to the church for the perfecting of the saints
  14. By knitting all believers together in love unto all the riches of the full assurance of understanding, unto the full knowledge of Christ
  15. By joining and knitting believers together unto the Head through every supplying joint and through the operation of each member
  16. By having fellowships with and among all of His believers
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