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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Supplementary to the topic of life and building

Life and building is central to God’s economy. Simply put, God is sole source of life. There is no life outside of God. Christ, as the embodiment and expression of God and the course of life, is realized in the Spirit, who is dwelling in all His regenerated believers and flowing out of the divine life.

Life is Christ being added, dispensed, wrought, and constituted into our being through subjective and dispositional sanctification, transformation, renewal, and conformation through Christ’s heavenly ministry in His ascension. Life is inward, but the maturity of life has its many practical and concrete expressions in human virtues, including love, peace, endurance, faith, and forbearance. When all these human virtues expressed corporately as the church, it becomes God’s building. While life emphasizes individual maturity, building emphasizes on corporate expression. Life is for the building, and the building is of life. Life caused the building, and building nurtures the life.

One who is not mature in life cannot see the building, participate in the building work, or be built into the building. Some signs of immaturity are: not getting along with the saints, not able to coordinate with one another, not forgiving, not striving to keep the oneness and one accord, not receiving, judging, tagging, murmuring opinions, not being submissive, not loving one another, not covering one another, not believing one another, not enduring one another, not accepting one another, etc.

Conversely, a mature saint would see the body, do the body work, strive to reach the oneness and one accord, receiving and accepting everyone, covering, enduring, and believing in everyone, having a heart to suffer on others’ behalf, with a submissive, meek, gentle, and humble attitude, willing to deny one’s soul life for the body’s sake, able to show one’s gift and function in the body, able to coordinate with anyone under all kinds of situations, etc.

Although the eternal and corporate building is God’s ultimate goal, the individual life growth is the fundamental elements. Although life is quite abstract, building has very practical and concrete expressions. Without maturity in life, the church cannot be built up, and the members cannot be knitted and joined together. If there were no church, the individual life cannot be shepherded or nurtured, and therefore, cannot be matured.
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