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The free will and the original sin

I want to use this term “original sin” specifically referring to the first sin of humanity, which was committed by Adam six thousand years ago. I would like to explore Adam’s choice given to his free will and the fundamental elements that constitute the “original sin.”

We all know the history that God presented two trees before Adam- the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and commanded him to choose the tree of life. We all know what happened then. Eve, tempted by the serpent, led Adam to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This is the first fall of humanity, and all his decedents inherited the so-called “original sin.” To the minds of the intelligence, it seems to be a superficial story. How could eating a fruit constitutes the first and foremost sin? Could it be that serious?

The common understanding is that the tree of life typifies God Himself and choosing the tree of life typifies the choosing God over death. But this reason does not adequately explain the constitution of the first sin, which shall tie with the darkest side of human nature.

Concerning the free will, here we actually see a very good picture. When God gave man a free will, He was taking a risk, yet a risk He must take. For God’s eternal purpose is to to expressed in humanity. Yet, all these expression would be pointless if the men are “programmed” to do what God wants them to do. God desires man to choose Him as life, to love Him as Husband over all other things, to follow His way wholeheartedly, and to wait for Him faithfully. And none of the above is glorious or beautiful if it were not out of a free will. It is in the free will that the divinity may be truly expressed in humanity, God’s glory revealed, genuine love manifested, and His eternal economy fulfilled.

Concerning the first sin that Adam committed, which also led to many other sins. It is very true that sin begets sins.

  • Self: The very first sin that Adam committed is self-willed, not God-willed. God created Adam to express Him, and gave Him a free will to choose Him. Adam committed the first sin precisely because he wrongly used His God-given free will to act according to his own will, not God’s.
  • Fear/Doubt: Fear is one of the darkest side of human nature. Instead of trusting and believing God, Adam did not trust God’s simple and direct instruction. It is quite likely that there was some bits of doubt, fear, or even rebellion in Adam against God.
  • Lazy: It is apparent that Adam hesitated to ask God why He instructed Him not to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Not willing to act for his own good, in my opinion, also constitutes the first sin.
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