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My conjecture on the progression and the leadership of practices in the Lord’s recovery

First of all, I would like to point out that the term “Lord’s recovery” I use in this article is in its narrow prospective; I am referring specifically to the recent move of the Lord’s recovery, namely the ministry established by Br. Watchman Nee and continued by Br. Witness Lee. I will not cover the Lord’s recovery in its broad prospective that spanned the entire church history. Secondly, the following writing is purely based on my speculation without first hand information concerning Br. Nee and Br. Lee.

The Lord used Br. Watchman Nee to reveal many aspects of the truth, establishing a solid foundation for the present truth. Having no intention to oversimplify the rich and profound teaching of Br. Watchman Nee,  I  tentatively assert that his main teaching has two aspects:

  1. The boundary and practice of the local churches
  2. The breaking of the outer man and the release of the spirit

Following this teaching, the early ministry of Br. Witness Lee also taught similarly. In short terms, the individual aspect of  his teaching emphasized on the dealing with the self and the outer man.

In the early sixties, Br. Lee went to US with a new beginning of his work. His leading had a small twist by emphasizing on releasing the spirit in meeting and prayers. I suspect that such transition was due to the hard practice of denying the self is a little too ideal and impractical. This transition was based on that releasing the spirit may eventually lead to the breaking of the outer man.

In the eighties, Br. Lee experimented the so-called God’s ordained way. Its practice has the following aspects.

  1. Church life is centered around homes
  2. Everyone functions by prophesizing in the meetings
  3. The exercise of the spirit by calling on His name and prayer reading in our daily living

In my opinions, these new practices are, firstly, for propagation and reproduction in a healthy and organic way. Another major emphasis was on the exercise of the spirit. I suspect that Br. Lee, seeing both breaking the outer man and releasing the inner man are not daily or ordinarily practical, and sought a way to apply spiritual practice to every member. Another consideration is that instead of passively denying the self, actively releasing the spirit would probably have greater effect and impact, both individually and corporately. Another reason is that instead of intensively releasing the spirit when needed, daily touching and exercising the spirit would eventually lead to daily growth and spontaneous release of the spirit later. The key is to touch the spirit in a common and daily way, not only when the spirit is needed.

In general, I can see these multiple transitions among the leading and practice of the Lord’s recovery. But we are still experimenting. May the Lord of mercy and grace continue to grant us more time, not only to know and digest His truth, but also to live out the truth in practice.

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