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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Some comments on my favorite verses

These are some of my favorite verses over time. For some of them, I was deeply touched the first time I read them. And my heart and my spirit would be stirred up every time I revisited them, even right now. For some of them, I begin to treasure and love them after my gradual growth in life and my increased knowledge of Christ and enlarged vision of the Body. Today, I testify that I love and treasure these verses from my heart, and I can relate the authors’ feelings and thoughts in writing these verses.

申命記30:19 我今日呼喚天地向你們作證;我將生命與死亡,祝福與咒詛,陳明在你面前,所以你要揀選生命,使你和你的後裔都得存活;

We need to be touched by Moses’s burdened declaration to the Israels and all the people. God is life, and there is no life and only death without God. Life is the blessings, and death is the curse. Without God’s life, we will all be doomed to perdition. We need to proclaim that we are greatly in need of the Lord’s life and His blessings.

詩篇73:25-26 除你以外,在天上我有誰呢?除你以外,在地上我也沒有所愛慕的。我的肉體和我的心腸衰殘,但神是我心裡的磐石,又是我的業分, 直到永遠。

I love You Lord. Grant me this heart to love You and You only. Let there be nothing in heaven or on the earth that would distract me from You. One day my body and my heart will perish, but you are the Rock and my Portion forever. My earthly journey will end, but my God is my eternal stand.

路加福音10:21 就在那時,耶穌在聖靈裡歡騰,說,父啊,天地的主,我頌揚你, 因為你將這些事,向智慧通達人藏起來,向嬰孩卻啟示出來。父啊,是的,因為在你眼中看為美的,本是如此。

The truth and vision of the Lord is revealed to the simple and pure in mind, and the hungry and empty in spirit because simplicity and purity is beauty in God’s eyes. No matter how far we have traveled, or how much we have grown, we need to continuously empty ourselves so as to receive more of the Lord’s riches.

哥林多後書4:17-18 因為我們這短暫輕微的苦楚,要極盡超越的為我們成就永遠重大的榮耀。我們原不是顧念所見的,乃是顧念所不見的,因為所見的是暫時的,所不見的才是永遠的。

The unseen is eternal. The worldly goals and ambitions are vain and temporary. The Lord’s life and glory is weighty and eternal. We need to open our spiritual eyes to see the unseen.

腓立比書3:8 不但如此,我也將萬事看作虧損,因我以認識我主基督耶穌為至寶;我因祂已經虧損萬事,看作糞土, 為要贏得基督,

The Lord is the greatest treasure in the universe. In the proper vision, all things in the world, such as fortunate, education, social status, and accomplishments, are just dull. In seeing the riches of Christ, we would be willing to give up all things other than Christ. Over the past 2000 years, numerous lives, their social status, degrees, and precious treasure have been given up for the Lord’s sake.

歌羅西書2:2 要叫他們的心得安慰,在愛里結合一起, 以致豐豐富富的在悟性上有充分的確信,能以完全認識神的奧秘, 就是基督;

To me, this verse summarizes the essence of the New Testament in one verse. This verse mentioned enjoyment, love, joining, Christ as the mystery of God, and the knowledge of Christ. In the beginning, we need to be comforted, encouraged, and enjoying, then we may be empowered to love and to join with others. In love, we may abound in our understanding of Christ, the mystery of God. We need the Lord’s grace and supply to be enlightened to know the mysterious Christ. All the wisdom, riches, goodness of God are hidden in Christ.

希伯來書 1:8-9 論到子卻說,”神啊,你的寶座是永永遠遠的,你國的權杖是正直的權杖。你愛公義,恨惡不法;所以神,就是你的神,用歡樂的油膏你,勝過膏你的同夥。”

This is a strong verse indicating the Godhead and full divinity of Jesus Christ the Son. If we truly see who Christ is and all His attributes, we would praise Him for His righteousness, and we would exult in joy that our God anoints Him above His partners.

箴言3:32b 祂親密的指教與正直人同在。

The Lord’s presence and His intimate teachings and revelation is given to those who fears and worships Him. To know His precious teachings, promises, and covenants, we need to be those who love Him in righteousness.

箴言14:10 心中的苦楚自己知道,心裡的喜樂外人無分。

This is a passive verse that I like. If we are not in Christ and not in the fellowship shared with other fellow pursuers in spirit, we are truly alone. If we are not enjoying Christ, we may only taste the bitterness of life by ourselves. If we don’t have the fellowship in spirit we can never truly share our joy with another human being.

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