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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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The three stages of church building

First of all, I need to point out that church building is an ongoing and continuous process, and one cannot point to the church and say which stage the church is at. This categorization of stages puts relatively more emphasis from the individual prospective. Secondly, the church building is a great work and will be a great feat. Some communities of people may reach certain level of peace and oneness, but it was never lasting or reaching greater numbers in scale. What God set out to do is to build a large number of men and women from all kinds of backgrounds, languages, races, and nationalities into one entity for His eternal and glorious expression. How will He do it? I must say it is beyond human comprehension. But praise the Lord! He is going to do it. And He shall accomplish it. Thirdly, the church is building and being building by growing in life. The building is actually a living organism. When we say we are building the church, we actually mean we are growing the church. Maybe today the church is like a child who is not mature yet, but all the major organs and components are in place. Maybe today the church is like a incomplete house, but the corner stone and the top stone are in place.

Now let me point out the three stages of church building, which most believers should be familiar with.

The material-purchasing stage: At this stage, the Lord paid His life and blood as ransom for the judicial redemption of many. All men were fallen in Satan’s hands, but the Lord purchased them with His own blood, so they may be freed and released from bondage aof sin and death and may enter into the kingdom of His Beloved. People from two genders, all kinds of backgrounds, languages, and races hear the gospel, believe that the Jesus Christ is Lord and was raised from the dead, and are saved judicially. All they need to do is to believe and all the accomplished redemption, promises, and covenants are theirs. Once they are saved, they are purchased materials, ready for the master’s uses. At this stage, however, they are raw materials, such as woods or dusts, which require further processing for the master’s proper use.

The material-preparing stage: At this stage, the Lord became the life giving spirit and enter into His believers’ spirit and dwell in them. The Lord’s intention does not stop at raw materials but precious materials such as precious stones, gold, etc. The way the Lord accomplishes this is by dispensing Himself day by day into His believers through the indwelling and anointing. The believers are required to collaborate with the Lord by actively seeking Him and turning to Him and then passively give their beings to the Master for His working and processing. Although the believers are redeemed, but the Master honor and respect their free will so He would work on them only when granted the permission. Finally, through the outward conditioning and inward anointing, the believers begin to receive more of His divine elements, grow in life, and finally are filled with His life and become His proper and precious materials ready for His uses.

The material-building stage: Here we see the Lord’s intention does not stop at many precious stones or materials but one built house and city. This is the Lord’s ultimate heart desire and will, and this is also what the enemy is afraid of and is struggle with all his strength and effort to prevent and stop from happening. This is what the eternal battle sbetween God, satan, and Adam’s race are fought for. Compared with processing and transforming the materials, putting the materials at proper places, and fitting them with their adjacent materials is much harder for it requires a good measure of maturity, a willing and open hear not to the Lord’s dealing but other believers’, a loving heart toward his or her many members, and the living out of the inner divine life of Christ in everything. Concerning the oneness in spirit, the believers all need to join to the Head and the Lord in spirit, and then have open fellowship with the body members, etc. Much can be said here, but the key point here is the oneness among the believers. This oneness requires much dealing of one’s self, soul life, pecularities, and preferences in love and in life. If there is no life, there cannot be the building, and if there is no love, no building either. (I will cover more details in later writings.)

Praise the Lord and His church. Praise Him that we have been purchased, are being processed into precious materials and are being built with others into one organic entity in oneness. I thank You Lord for letting me to be a part of this eternal and glorious building. Amen.

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