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在基督耶稣里 “In Christ” in 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians
1:2 写信给在哥林多神的召会,就是给在基督耶稣里被圣别,蒙召的圣徒,同着所有在各处呼求我们主耶稣基督之名的人;祂是他们的,也是我们的;
To the church of God which is in Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, the called saints, with all those who call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in every place, who is theirs and ours:

1:4 我因神在基督耶稣里所赐给你们的恩典,常常为你们感谢我的神,
I thank my God always concerning you based upon the grace of God which was given to you in Christ Jesus,

1:30 但你们得在基督耶稣里,是出于神,这基督成了从神给我们的智慧:公义、圣别和救赎,
But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became wisdom to us from God: both righteousness and sanctification and redemption,

3:1 弟兄们,我从前对你们说话,不能把你们当作属灵的,只能当作属肉的,当作在基督里的婴孩。
And I, brothers, was not able to speak to you as to spiritual men, but as to fleshy, as to infants in Christ.

4:10 我们为基督的缘故是愚拙的,你们在基督里倒是精明的;我们软弱,你们倒强壮;你们有荣耀,我们倒被轻视。
We are fools because of Christ, but you are prudent in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are glorious, but we are dishonored.

4:15 你们在基督里,纵有上万的导师,父亲却不多,因为是我在基督耶稣里藉着福音生了你们。
For though you have ten thousand guides in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.

4:17 因此我已打发提摩太到你们那里去;他在主里是我所亲爱、忠信的孩子;他必提醒你们,我在基督耶稣里怎样行事,正如我在各处各召会中所教导的。
Because of this I have sent Timothy to you, who is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord, who will remind you of my ways which are in Christ, even as I teach everywhere in every church.

6:11 你们中间有人从前也是这样,但在主耶稣基督的名里,并在我们神的灵里,你们已经洗净了自己,已经圣别了,已经称义了。
And these things were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

8:6 在我们却只有一位神,就是父,万物都本于祂,我们也归于祂;并有一位主,就是耶稣基督,万物都是藉着祂有的,我们也是藉着祂有的。
Yet to us there is one God, the Father, out from whom are all things, and we are unto Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and we are through Him.

9:1 我不是自由的么?我不是使徒么?我不是见过我们的主耶稣么?你们不是我在主里所作之工么?
Am I not free? Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? Are you not my work in the Lord?

9:2 若是对别人我不是使徒,对你们我总是使徒,因为你们在主里正是我使徒职分的印记。
If to others I am not an apostle, yet surely I am to you; for you in the Lord are the seal of my apostleship.

11:11 然而在主里面,女也不是无男,男也不是无女。
However neither is woman without man, nor man without woman, in the Lord.

15:18 这样,在基督里睡了的人也灭亡了。
Then also those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.

15:19 我们在基督里,若只在今生有指望,就是众人中最可怜的。
If it is only that we have hoped in Christ in this life, we are of all men most miserable.

15:22 因为在亚当里众人都死了,照样,在基督里众人也都要活过来。
For just as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

15:31 弟兄们,我指着我为你们在我们主基督耶稣里所有的夸耀,郑重的说,我是天天死。
I protest by the boasting in you, brothers, which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.

16:24 我在基督耶稣里的爱,与你们众人同在。
My love in Christ Jesus be with you all.

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