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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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In memorial of Grandma Grace Lin

The last couple weeks of our dear Grandma Grace Lin, though a sorrowful period, deeply touched my heart and marked vividly in my memory.

A little more than one month ago, I heard that she was diagnosed of ALS. I was not sure what it is, but from what I heard, it gradually freezes an aging person’s body by failing the nerve system, which will eventually lead to mortal death.  At that time, I never thought her life was in immediate danger. 

One month ago, I visited Davis for the fellowship concerning the final purchase of the meeting hall for the church in Davis. Conveniently, I visited her at Uncle Vincent’s house. When I arrived, she was in a therapy session so I waited about one hour before meeting her in the room. When I finally saw her, I noticed that she was in pain, but she immediately started talking to me. Honestly speaking, I didn’t have deep fellowship with her before. But her spirit was burdened and open. The whole time she was talking and and sharing her thoughts, burdens, expectations concerning me, not mentioning even one sentence about herself.

She asked me about my personal life, Christian life and church life. When she realized that I didn’t attend to the Full Time Training, she started to share her vision and burdens concerning my going to FTTA. She encouraged me to enlarge my vision for the Lord’s move and the progress of the church. She said the the next generation needs to be better and more absolute than the previous. She even shared that she wished every single one of her grandchildren to go.

We talked for about half hour to 45 minutes. At the end, we held each other’s hands for goodbye, and she asked me to consider what she said as reference. (At that time, I didn’t know that the next time to see you would be in the kingdom. ) Upon leaving, I said to myself, “What a pattern!” She was completely out of herself and her circumstances, and her spirit was living, fresh, and even transparent, testifying that reality of the Lord and His transforming work. 

Last week, I heard that she has been staying in hospital for a couple days , and the doctor has claimed that she will not leave the hospital alive. As I heard that, my eyes were filled with tears. I felt this deep sorrow beyond my words. How could a person handle being told of one’s own death in such an absrupt manner? But later when I heard that she said she has no regret for her life, I was greatly touched and encouraged. 

Lord! I thank You for such a ready sister. I praise that You have been with her throughout her earthly journey, especially the last hours and days of her time on the earth as grace, comfort and peace. Thank You for such an encouraging pattern. Do continue to work on us so that, at the end of our course, we may also be ready. Amen.

(The above paragraphes were originally written on 4/1 and edited later for testimony)

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