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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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My current understanding of love

The following will be my humble attempt to address one of the most multi-faceted mysterious, heavenly, and divine attributes of humanity. It is paradoxically unmeasurable yet very real, and controllable yet unreasonable. It is at the heart of God’s pleasure, purpose, economy, and ways.

  1. Love is God’s foremost attribute. Actually God is love. Without God’s life, there is no genuine love.
  2. Love is both human and divine, earthly and heavenly.
  3. Love spans across Old Testament and New Testament.
  4. Love is unconditional regardless of one’s status, avbility, possession, and outward beauty.
  5. Love builds two entities into one, even the gap between the two is as great as the Creator and the creation.
  6. Love is the joining and knitting power among people.
  7. Love is built and based upon commitments, not feelings or pleasure.
  8. Love is consuming, selective, and sacred.
  9. Love requires the reception and responses of the beloved to flow.
  10. Love cares, expects, desires, and hopes the growth of the beloved.
  11. Love nurtures and facilitate the growth and independence of the beloved,
  12. Love dispenses and extends oneself to the beloved for the sake of the growth of the beloved. Love transforms oneself and the beloved.
  13. Love is always constructive and is incapable of being destructive.
  14. Love demands yet does not stumble.
  15. Love doesn’t stand idle or still. Love moves and acts.
  16. Love is a decision based on thorough and engrossing consideration from a free and independent will.
  17. Love fellowships with an open and emptied heart. Love empties and denies one’s own self and soul life.
  18. Love discards one’s own opinions, backgrounds, concepts, and social status.
  19. Love is kind, genuine, open, honest, and pure. Love  is not jealous.
  20. Love covers, believers, hopes, and endures all things.
  21. Love restores the back-slided, strengthens the weak, heals the sick, recovers the wounded,  comforts the sorrowful, and encourages the cowardly.
  22. Love heals the pyschological illness, which is mostly due to the lack of love.
  23. Love heals and transforms the beloved spontaneously, just as it has no such attempt.
  24. Love respects and encourages the free will, individuality,  opinions, and decision of the beloved.
  25. Love in humility brings in courage.
  26. Love is an extremly deep emotion with its full control.
  27. Love may criticize and comment on the beloved based on humble self-examinations and pure motivations.
  28. Love suffers long for the sake of the beloved due to much mindedness and consideration.
  29. Love faces the dilemma of respecting the free will of the beloved and desiring to help the beloved for the better.
  30. Love is full of mercy and sympathy.
  31. Love is present, not past or future.
  32. Love is confident but not proud or arrogant.
  33. Love does not seek its own interests.
  34. Love does not take account of evil. Love is not easily provoked.
  35. Love rejoices with truth and righteousness.
  36. Mature and complete love can only exist between mature married couples.
  37. Ultimate love can only happen between God and man.
  38. Love is abiding and never falls away
  39. Love is the shortest path to the truth and everything else.

Lord! Thank You for loving us. Thank You for commanding us to love You.  Even at this very moment, I say I love You. You are my beloved Master and Lord. I do not wish to go out free. Do continue to purify and examine us according to Your love. Amen.

Written on CalTrain southbound, 6/9/09

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