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A foretaste of corporate living

One of the main burdens for the past Chinese-speaking perfecting training was corporate living, that is, a group of saints would come and live together. Regardless of the formats or styles, the key to corporate living is that we would allow saints to enter into our living so we may encourage and accompany one another to pursue the Lord even in our daily living.

A lot of times we would appear normal and exercised in the meetings, but we may be very back-slided and sick in our living. Corporate living is exactly needed to solve this problem. In my opinion, corporate living is probably one of the most effective and ultimate practice to gain not only our life but also our living.

Like the brothers shared in the training, three flasks that we need to break by our consecration are privacy, security, and identity. Needless to say, these 3 things are the hardest to break. Sometimes it could be even harder to really consecrate these three things than our career, money, or family. Corporate living also practically requires such consecration.

When I first heard about this burden and practice, I know how humanly impossible to enter such kind of living. I know its difficulties lie not just in living together. Passively, it require the breaking of our privacy and the denial of the self; actively, it invites the Lord and the saints to enter into our daily living, and to build up one another up in oneness and peace.

While some saints had the burden to engage in this practice, the Lord also arranged an opportunity to have 5 brothers including myself to live together at Br Paul Lee’s home. The composition of the 5 people was interesting, including 2 post-docs, 1 student, 2 working saints. One brother was saved within 1 year, and another brother was saved just within 1 week. Praise the Lord for putting us 5 together.

Our daily corporate activities were quite intense: Everyday we woke up around 6:30 am and spend about 30 minutes each day  getting nto the outlines and messages of the first series of the perfect training. Then we headed out to work, lab, or school. In terms of eating, some of us would go shopping together, and some brothers who came home earlier would cook for us. I can testify the food we had each day was great. With many brothers as companies, the joy and grace also overflew. I think one evening we happened to read into

Acts 2:46    他们天天同心合意,坚定持续的在殿里,并且挨家挨户擘饼,存着欢跃单纯的心用饭,
And day by day, continuing steadfastly with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house, they partook of their food with exultation and simplicity of heart,

And I think we all shared the same feeling that the disciples felt at that time. We were especially touched by this phrase “partook of their food with exultation and simplicity of heart.” Praise the Lord!

Every evening we spend about 1 hour getting into 2 messages/lessons on corporate God-man living from Hebron100.org and ftttdt.org. After each lesson, we took its quiz together. It was a lot of fun. Then we all we went to bed around 11pm.

On the Saturday of this first week, we moved out according to our original plan. But during the weekend, some incidents happened that it is possible for us to move back for another week. Originally I thought probably no one would move back, but everyone else wanted to move back so I did too.

For the second week, we continue to follow our rigid living schedule. getting up at 6:30am, morning revival by getting into RSG schedule, cooking and eating dinner together, evening corporate pursuit time, and go to bed at 11pm. One side note, since we were running behind the RSG schedule by 1 week, we tried to catch by reading about 2 chapters of Matthew a day.

Although these 2 weeks were just a mere foretaste, personally I really treasured these 2 weeks of living together with 5 brothers. Our daily pursuit made our growth in life even faster, and our building-up even more.  We wouldn’t feel the  same closeness and intimacy if had not been for these 2 weeks. Without this kind of living, it may take many many weeks of Friday meetings to achieve similar effects. Now the brothers are thinking of really establishing long term corporate living. We may need to move again, but this kind life of altar and tent attracts us.

I am sorry for my procrastination. It took me about 2 weeks to write the above paragraphs.

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