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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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The incarnation of Christ- God manifested in the flesh

7:14 因此,主自己要给你们一个兆头:看哪,
Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will conceive and will bear a son, and she will call his name Immanuel.

9:6-7 因有一婴孩为我们而生,有一子赐给我们;政权必担在祂的肩头上;祂的名称为奇妙的策士、全能的神、永远的父、和平的君。祂的政权与平安必加增无穷,祂必在大卫的宝座上,治理祂的国,以公平公义使国坚定稳固,从今时直到永远。万军之耶和华的热心,必成就这事。
For a child is born to us, A son is given to us; And the government Is upon His shoulder; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. To the increase of His government And to His peace there is no end, Upon the throne of David And over His kingdom, To establish it And to uphold it In justice and righteousness From now to eternity. The zeal of Jehovah of hosts Will accomplish this.

1:16 雅各生约瑟,就是马利亚的丈夫,那称为基督的耶稣,是从马利亚生的。
And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

1:20-23 正思念这事的时候,看哪,有主的使者向他梦中显现,说,大卫的子孙约瑟,不要怕,只管娶过你的妻子马利亚来,因那生在她里面的,乃是出于圣灵。她将要生一个儿子,你要给祂起名叫耶稣,因祂要亲自将祂的百姓从他们的罪里救出来。这一切成就了,为要应验主藉着申言者所说的,说,“看哪,必有童女怀孕生子,人要称祂的名为以马内利。”(以马内利翻出来,就是神与我们同在。)
But while he pondered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife, for that which has been begotten in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she will bear a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for it is He who will save His people from their sins. Now all this has happened so that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled, saying, “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel” (which is translated, God with us).

2:10 那天使对他们说,不要惧怕,看哪,我报给你们大喜的好信息,是关乎万民的。因今天在大卫的城里,为你们生了救主,就是主基督
And the angel said to them, Do not be afraid; for behold, I announce to you good news of great joy, which will be for all the people, Because today a Savior has been born to you in David’s city, who is Christ the Lord.

1:14 话成了肉体,支搭帐幕在我们中间,丰丰满满的有恩典,有实际。我们也见过祂的荣耀,正是从父而来独生子的荣耀。
And the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us (and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only Begotten from the Father), full of grace and reality.

1:3-4 论到祂的儿子,我们的主耶稣基督:按肉体说,是从大卫后裔生的,按圣别的灵说,是从死人的复活,以大能标出为神的儿子;
Concerning His Son, who came out of the seed of David according to the flesh, Who was designated the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness out of the resurrection of the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord;

8:3-4 律法因肉体而软弱,有所不能的,神,既在罪之肉体的样式里,并为着罪,差来了自己的儿子,就在肉体中定罪了罪,使律法义的要求,成就在我们这不照着肉体,只照着灵而行的人身上。
For that which the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God, sending His own Son in the likeness of the flesh of sin and concerning sin, condemned sin in the flesh, That the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit.

  • Being sent in the likeness of the flesh of sin and concerning sin
  • Condemn sin

2:20 我已经与基督同钉十字架;现在活着的,不再是我,乃是基督在我里面活着;并且我如今在肉身里所活的生命,是我在神儿子的信里,与祂联结所活的,祂是爱我,为我舍了自己。
I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

4:4 及至时候满足,神就差出祂的儿子,由女子所生,且生在律法以下,
But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under law,

But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under law,

2:15 在祂的肉体里,废掉了那规条中诫命的律法,好把两下在祂自己里面,创造成一个新人,成就了和平;
Abolishing in His flesh the law of the commandments in ordinances, that He might create the two in Himself into one new man, so making peace,

  • Abolish the law of the commandments in ordinances
  • Create the two in Himself into one new man

1:21-22 你们从前是隔绝的,因着恶行心思里与祂为敌,但如今祂在基督肉体的身体里,藉着死,叫你们与自己和好了,把你们圣别、没有瑕疵、无可责备的呈献在自己面前;
And you, though once alienated and enemies in your mind because of your evil works, He now has reconciled in the body of His flesh through death, to present you holy and without blemish and without reproach before Him;

  • Reconcile us to God
  • Present us holy and without blemish and without reproach before Him

提摩太前书-1 Timothy
3:16 并且,大哉!敬虔的奥秘!这是众所公认的,就是:祂显现于肉体,被称义于灵里,被天使看见,被传于万邦,被信仰于世人中,被接去于荣耀里。
And confessedly, great is the mystery of godliness: He who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the Spirit, Seen by angels, Preached among the nations, Believed on in the world, Taken up in glory.

3:18 因基督也曾一次为罪受死,就是义的代替不义的,为要引你们到神面前;在肉体里祂被治死,在灵里祂却活着;
For Christ also has suffered once for sins, the Righteous on behalf of the unrighteous, that He might bring you to God, on the one hand being put to death in the flesh, but on the other, made alive in the Spirit;

4:1-2 基督既在肉身受过苦,你们也当用同样的心思武装自己,(因为在肉身受过苦的,就与罪断绝了;)好使你们不再从人的情欲,只从神的旨意,在肉身中度余下的光阴。
Since Christ therefore has suffered in the flesh, you also arm yourselves with the same mind (because he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin), No longer to live the rest of the time in the flesh in the lusts of men, but in the will of God.

2:14-15 儿女既同有血肉之体,祂也照样亲自有分于血肉之体,为要藉着死,废除那掌死权的,就是魔鬼,并要释放那些一生因怕死而受挟于奴役的人
Since therefore the children have shared in blood and flesh, He also Himself in like manner partook of the same, that through death He might destroy him who has the might of death, that is, the devil, And might release those who because of the fear of death through all their life were held in slavery.

  • Destroy him who has the might of death, that is, the devil
  • Release those who because of the fear of death through all their life were held in slavery

5:7-8 基督在肉身的日子,强烈的哭号,流泪向那能救祂出死的,献上祈祷和恳求,因祂的虔诚,就蒙了垂听;祂虽然为儿子,还是因所受的苦难学了顺从;
This One, in the days of His flesh, having offered up both petitions and supplications with strong crying and tears to Him who was able to save Him out of death and having been heard because of His piety, Even though He was a Son, learned obedience from the things which He suffered.

10:20 是藉着祂给我们开创了一条又新又活的路,从幔子经过,这幔子就是祂的肉体,
Which entrance He initiated for us as a new and living way through the veil, that is, His flesh,

  • Initiated for us as a new and living way through the veil

约翰一书-1 John
4:2-3 凡灵承认耶稣基督是在肉体里来的,就是出于神的;在此你们可以认出神的灵来。凡灵不承认耶稣,就不是出于神的,这是那敌基督者的灵;你们从前听见这灵要来,现在已经在世界上了。
In this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, And every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God; and this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming and now is already in the world.

约翰二书-2 John
1:7 因为有许多迷惑人的已经出来,进到世界里,他们不承认耶稣基督是在肉体里来的。这就是那迷惑人的和敌基督的。
For many deceivers went out into the world, those who do not confess Jesus Christ coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.

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