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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Some Random Recent Reflections

Many recent posts have been verse collections. On the one hand, I did enjoy reading and collecting the verses and finding the treasures in the Scripture. On the other hand, I also think the blog could be a little more personal. From now on, I will try to write more personal contents.

Actually a lot of things had happened and are happening. It is an interesting period time of my life. Not exactly sure what the Lord’s arrangements are, I look to Lord for His leading and presence. May the gracious and merciful God be with me according to His pleasure and plan. May the faithful Master lead me to go forward out of the realm of knowledge but into the realm of life and light. May the Shepherd come that I may have life and have it abundantly, growing and building up in life. May the Lord of heaven and earth gain His right and sovereignty over me to be His vessel of expression. May my beloved Lord keep me close to Him until the day I hear His own voice and see Him with my own eyes. Amen.

Here are some random reflections issued from the events or situations happening around me:

  • No matter how much I know or how I do all the “right” or “spiritual” service, I always need to return to His presence for mercy, grace, strength, teaching, sanctification, power, comfort, courage, life, love, light, wisdom, and everything else. Indeed, He is the all-sufficient One. No matter how much I pray or read, I cannot avoid confessing my offenses and obtaining a clear conscience before going to Him the Righteous One.
  • The more I see through the world, the more I know the true nature of human beings, the more I realize that He is the reality and every positive thing in the universe. Apart from Him, everything, no matter how decorated or attractive outwardly, is false, pretense, shallow, dark, and death inwardly. The value of God and world in a genuine Christian’s eyes should be self-evident and crystal clear.
  • I need to learn the secret of His presence, which is typified by the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament. That is, I need to go through the outer court, the first veil, the Holy place, and the second veil so as to enter the Holy of Holies. In the New Testament, our Lord initiated this new and living way by breaking His body on the cross. Today, my root must dig and grow deep into the very source of water and nutrients, drawing supply from God Himself. No matter how the outward situations may fluctuate, my soul should cast the anchor within the veil, both secure and firm.
  • The Lord never promises that our life would be without disturbance or troubles but the path He prepares for those who love Him is exceedingly gracious and glorious. This was how the Lord led Abraham, Jacob, Moses, King David, Apostle Paul, and many of His faithful servants throughout the ages. It is not our right to question His arrangements but our responsibility to trust Him, to observe what He wants to show, and to learn what He wants to teach us.
  • The Bible is a mysterious book. It can be read, interpreted, perceived, and understood from many angles, prospectives, levels, backgrounds, ages, and subjects yet no one can fully appreciate its full height and depth. Throughout the history, it has been much treasured, deeply respected, and thoroughly studied by millions yet it is always capable of offering something new and refreshing to its readers. I can solemnly testify that, although I cannot fully comprehend the Bible (I may never will), the Bible, though its books vary in style and tones, is extremely coherent and consistent in its underlying messages and significance. The more I study it, the more I can understand it. But at the same time, I also feel that there is always something more for me to discover and appreciate. This is the amazing and mysterious nature of our Scripture. I have no doubt that the Scripture is God’s breath.
  • We are at the end of this age. The enemy’s attacking and deteriorating work, especially upon and within the church, is intensifying. One who can really observe the degradation of the church cannot help but pray with groanings which cannot be uttered. The fashion of the age is permeating and brought into the church, so is the vanity of the world. Not all of her serving ones are genuinely spiritual, and not all her leaders are well-equipped with divine thoughts and knowledge, and not all her members are even aware of the divine inner life. Alas, this is the true condition of the church. On the one hand, Thyatira and Saudis persists and may continue to thrive until the Lord’s return. On the other hand, Philadelphia, though cannot turn back to Saudis after coming out of it, is struggling and inclining toward Laodicea. Whatever the condition of the church is, the Christian pursuits of her individual members may eventually become intensely personal with the Lord. The calling of overcomers in the revelation cannot be more fitting than today’s situation. Indeed, the Lord’s overcomers will be rare and become extremely precious in His eyes, being held by His own hands.

I have a couple more points I want to write but I think it is enough for today. Lord Jesus, I love You.  May You are my sole source of comfort, supply, joy, and strength for You are the reality, the light, the life, the truth, and the way. All the glory and praise to You. Amen.

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