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Trip to Israel


  1. Uncle Paul drove me to SFO at 5:30am
  2. Flew to LAX, PHL, and then Tel Aviv.
  3. Arrive at Tel Aviv airport, walked through customs without much trouble, walked around the airport, took a taxi and arrive at Metropolitan hotel after 30 minutes. By the way, I arrived on a Sabbath.
  4. Talked with Taxi driver, and learn a few Hebrew dialogue
  5. When entering the hotel, I realized that I don’t know what to tell the hotel about our group, and I start to look around and pretty much instantly find 2 sisters, Kris and Lisa, sitting on the sofa. I talked with them, and learned a few things, and they took
  6. After putting my luggage in the hotel room, I started to walk around Mediterranean Sea, which is just 3 blocks away from the hotel. There were a lot of people walking back and forth. There were a lot of shops and small grocery stores
  7. In the evening, Sister Lisa invited about 10 saints to her house, she drove one car, and there was another car. The saints in my car were Max, an elderly saint from NYC, her daughter who is serving full at Portland, OR, and Sister Sarah, originally from ghana and now has lived in NYC from many years. Sister Lisa just moved to Israel from London for the furtherance of the gospel and the Lord’s recovery. She is a Jewish descendant and is currently learning Hebrew. All the other 3 saints were African Americans.
  8. After the meal, we shared around how we came into the Lord’s recovery, it was quite touching. Later I learned that Lisa’s husband, Jim, and her son Raymond, moved here about 2 months ago at the time for the work. Along with them, there were about 7 other family came, and they all lived around Tel Aviv University neighborhood.
  9. My roommate for the night is Br. Joshua Lio from NYC, a Chinese originally from Philippines.

lesson learned:

  • Don’t make currency change in the US airport.
  • It was very interesting to see so many Jews at once.
  • Some Hebrew dialogues from the taxi drive and sister Lisa.
  • Israel is quite modern. Actually it is like Taiwan a lot, having motorcycles and hish-rise residential units.


  • Qumran: Essenes, Community Rule, dead sea scrolls
    • All Old Testament books were found except Ester; Contains the entire book of Isiah
    • the second earlier scrolls found only 10 century AD
    • Same as modern Hebrew
  • Museum of Massada
  • Take the cable lift up to Massada, the last stand of Jews after the fall of Jerusalem
    • Built by Herod about 10BC, overseeing the dead sea area with palace
    • Rebuilt the Jewish rebels
    • Best preserved Roman siege in the world
    • All suicide so as to prevent slavery
    • Jew found this history in 20th century and promote Massada for the Israel’s spirit of independence
  • Float in the dead sea
    • Got some water and some rocks
    • OVAHA: dead sea water, salt, and mud claims to have cosmetic and therapeutic effect

Sun 10.25

  1. Drive from dead sea to Jerusalem
  2. Mt Olives, saw the Doom of the Rock, the mercy gate, Mt Zion, temple Mt
  3. Walk down the path into Jerusalem
  4. Visit the Dominus Flevit Church
  5. Visit the garden of Gethsemani, saw the rock the Lord leaned on, and the rock where he was resting and then taken away
  6. The church
  7. The Shrine of the Book (The dead sea scrolls)
    1. Watched a movie called “The Human Sanctuary” bout Essenes and John the Baptist’s implicit association with them.
    2. All OT books were found except Esters
    3. Before the dead sea scrolls were found, the earlier OT were at 10 century AD, called Applo Codex
  8. Yad VaShem
    1. The building had many symbolic meanings
    2. concentration camp, ghetto, train, gas chamber
    3. The building was connected to the outside only through bridges
    4. I felt that the guide was emotionally influencing, yet a little manipulative though
  9. Stay at Rabin Youth Hotel
  10. The Old city shopping mall
    1. Book  store, quite modern
    2. sliversmith

Mon 10.27

  1. The temple Mount
    1. Dome of the Rock, Aqsa Mosque
    2. The jew were not allowed to enter the site because they couldn’t locate the excat location of the Holy of Holies
    3. Herod made a huge platform
  2. Mercy Gate
  3. Old City Street
  4. The church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus was crucified and buried
    1. The site
    2. The tomb
    3. The suite
    4. The division among 3 churches
    5. a ladder which hasn’t been moved for 100 years
  5. The Temple Institute
    1. Collecting and making all the authentic temple furniture and utensils
    2. 6 furniture in the temple: altar of burnt offering, laver, table of the show bread, monrah, incense altar, Ark
    3. Monoah has 42 decorations
    4. Show bread was made miracles by being given by the heavenly blessing
    5. The Ark was allegedly hidden by King Jeremiah (2 King 22)
    6. the dressing of the high priest
  6. The Western Wall- not the wall of the temple
    1. The Western Wall was not the wall of the temple but only the retaining wall, but was made holy because it is the closest wall to the Holy of Holies.
    2. Saw a lot of Orthodox Jew
    3. where the stores were selling offering
  7. The Davidson Center (The Archeological Park)
    1. Watched archeology 3D demonstration of temple reconstruction
    2. watched a movie about the temple
    3. saw the corner stone, weight 250 tons, or 3 Boeing 747
    4. People purchase sacrifice on a street near the temple
    5. People needs to go through water to cleanse themselves before making offerings.
    6. It was really hard to travel from afar to temple, and then make sacrifice
    7. Layers of stones
  8. Western Wall Tunnel
    1. The foundation was really impressive, very big, solid, and flat, neatly joined
    2. many times of filling and rebuilding on adjacent streets

Tue 10.28

  • Drive from Jerusalem to coastal plain
  • Biblical garden,
    • A land of wheat, and barley, and vines; of fig trees and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey.
    • Cedar tree
  • Caesarea
    • King Herod built a largest artificial port in the world
    • Roman temple
    • An amphitheater
    • horse racing
    • Inner port
    • userd by both Otterman and Byzantines
  • Drive to Sea of Galilee
  • Stayed at Achuzaf Ohalo Hotel
    • Good food
    • Prayer time at Br. Sam Liou’s room

Wed 10/28

  • Drive from Galilee to the North
  • Cappernaum
    • Peter’s house
    • Synagogue where the Lord
  • Mt of beatitude
  • Old fish boat museum
  • Visit an Israel village for lunch
    • Watch a video of the battle in the valley of tears in 1973
  • Visit the Syria border
  • Mt Herman

Thu 10/29

  • Supermarket
  • Jordan river
  • Nat
  • Valley of Armageddon
  • Conference site
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