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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Feelings from reading about Jacob

Figuratively speaking, Jacob is an interesting person. He is not a typical godly person but if we consider Jacob, we could grasp why God loves Jacob.

In terms of coverage, Jacob was covered in about 25 chapters, spanning almost half of Genesis, indicating his importance and significance in God’s heart.

For myself, I am touched by 3 things about Jacob’s life.

  • Mercy: God chose Jacob instead of Esau by His sovereignty and mercy. Although Jacob was cunning, calculating, grabbing, quite natural, and a little evil yet God had mercy on him, chose him, and loved him. We need to see that our redemption and salvation is purely and completely by God’s grace and mercy, not by anything from ourselves. It is not because that we are good that God chooses and saves us, and it is not because that we are bad that God would not choose and save us.
  • Transformation: Jacob went though tougher and longer hardship than his father and grandfather did. God continued to be with him, appeared to him, and revealed His desire to Jacob. The part that enlightened me the most was that it is not about blessing or misery, it is not about God granting wishes according to our desire or not. What really matters is that we may have God’s life being wrought into us. From the beginning, Jacob was natural and calculating but after all this hardships dealings, he eventually was drawn closer to God, became matured and was able to express God. Praise the Lord that He operates all things for those who love to be closer to Him and be like Him.
  • Dream: After Jacob obtained the firstborn sonship and stole Isaac’s blessing, he was then expelled from his homeland. In Bethel, He had a dream about God’s house. This marked his beginning of his journey toward God. God continued to lead Jacob to see the vision of the house of God. We also need to see that our Christian experience and pursuits should not be individual. Even our transformation and victorious experience should not be individual. Our goal and vision should be on the house of God. Our existence and meaning should be on the house of God.
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