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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Prayer in the beginning of the year

Oh! My Lord, My King, and My Master.
I call upon Your sweet name, Jesus.

You are the Creator, the faithful, mighty and the sovereign One.
You the mingling of complete divinity and perfect humanity.
You are the image of the invisible God,
the Firstborn of all creation, the Firstborn of the dead,
the effulgence of His glory, the impress of His substance,
In You all the fullness of Godhead dwells

You are the King, the Prophet, the Priest,
the Savior, God’s anointed One,
You are the Maker and Executor of the New Testament,
the Surety and Mediator of the new and better covenant,
the Forerunner into the Holy of Holies.

You are the desire of all nations.
You are the good, chief, and great Shepherd of our souls,
You are the Head over all things to the church, Your body
Lord, all the glory and praise to You.

Oh! My gracious Lord and Master.
Have mercy and grace upon Your servant.
Shine on me, strengthen me, and supply me.
Dispense Your divine life into my mortal body,
putting to death its practices.

How I need You Lord.
Without You, I am nothing and can do nothing.
Apart from You, I am helpless and hopeless.
Everything is by Your grace.
Without Your grace, I can’t even stand or breathe.
You are my only cure and hope.

Lord! I pray that You would come in to save and dwell.
I confess that I am a vile sinner and in desperate need of Your salvation.
Save me from the natural man and the self.
Save me from all the unrighteous thoughts.
Save me from the indulgence of the flesh.
Save me from my unruly and rebellious nature.
Save me from my hasty and quick actions.
Save me from my harsh and inconsiderate attitude.
Save me from my pride and arrogance.
Save me from any preventing elements from building up.
Save me from individualism and independence.
Save me from being unloving, unfaithful, and hopelessness.
I give You my full trust that You are faithful.
Your Person is perfect, and Your work will be completed.
You are the beginning and the End.
You are Alpha and the Omega.

Lord! I just come to You into the Holy of Holies.
With no anxiety, no yoke, no self-condemnation, and no pretense.
I come to You as I am with an open and genuine heart.
I come to You without any preservation or holding-back.
Lord! I worship You in my Spirit.
For You are the sole source of life, light, love, wisdom, courage,
supply, joy, peace, grace, strength, sanctification, righteousness,
holiness, faith, hope, lowliness, meekness, and oneness.

Lord! I am also thankful.
For everything You have provided and gave in Your grace.
Indeed, You have arranged the best for me.
Most importantly, I thank You for visiting me.
For seeking and finding me.
Indeed, knowing You alone add all the eternal significance and weight to my trivial and humble existence.
Having You living in my Spirit alone make my life meaningful.

Lord! Thank You for a new beginning.
Bless this new year.
Do continue to open my eyes to see the heavenly vision.
Do remove all the noise and disturbance so I may always turn and find You.
Do grow in me so I may be more constituted with Your being.
Do transform and renew me day-by-day so I may be like you.
I desire such a joining and union with You.

In the end, You are my goal, my focus, my food, my answers, my destiny, my purpose, my love, my health, my joy, my peace, my strength, my medicine, my sun, my King, my morning star, my shield, my rock, my stand, my Master, my Person, and my wisdom.


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