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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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A brief outline of God’s economy

God’s economy

  • God became a Man so that men may become God in life and nature but not in the Godhead.
  • The Father is the source of life, the Son is the course of life, and the Spirit is the flow of life. The church is the expression of life.


  • The unique  “I Am”: Without beginning. Without end. Uncreated. Omniscience, Omnipotence. Omnipresence. The source of life.
  • Essential Trinity: God is uniquely one in His essence from eternal past to eternal future.
  • Economical Trinity: For the accomplishment of His eternal purpose and economy, God is three, the Father, the Son and the Spirit. The Father is eternal, the Son is eternal, and the Spirit is eternal. The  three coexist and coinhere, being distinct yet not separate.


  • The being of Christ:
    • The complete God and the perfect Man. The mingling of divinity and humanity. The embodiment of God. In Him all the fullness of the Godhead dwells. The Top-stone and Cornerstone of God’s building. The course of life.
    • In His divinity: The Creator and the Beginning.  God’s only begotten Son from eternal past to eternal future. The Root of David.
    • In His humanity: The Firstborn of all creation.  The seed of the woman. The seed of Abraham. The Seed of David. In His resurrection, He was anointed as Christ and raised as God’s Firstborn Son among His brothers.
  • The work of Christ
    • The earthly ministry of Christ: He became a Man, lived a God-Man living, and died on the cross for the accomplishing of judicial redemption.
      • Incarnation: God is manifested in the flesh, born of virgin Mary. The temporally and spatially infinite Creator became a finite Man, constraint by time and space.
      • Human living: Complete submission to the Father. A pattern of God-Man living for thirty-three and half years, expressing divine attributes through human virtues.
      • All-inclusive death and Crucifixion: Died as the ransom for the redemption of His believers. Judged the sins, the sin, the devil, the world, and all the negative things in the universe.
      • Resurrection: Overcame the power of death. Released His divine life.
    • Ascension: Being anointed as the Son of God in His humanity, sitting at the right hand of God’s throne.
    • The heavenly ministry of Christ: He became the life-giving Spirit, is dispensing His life into His believers as the organic salvation for the producing of the church, His body.
      • As King of all kings, and Lord of all lords, He is sitting at the right hand of God’s throne, far above all rules and powers.
      • Living and making home in His believers’ spirits
      • The Minister of the heavenly tabernacle and the Mediator and Surety of the new and better covenant.
      • The Advocate and Intercessor of the believers.
      • The great Shepherd, the good Shepherd, the chief Shepherd, the Shepherd of our souls


  • The being of the Spirit: The Spirit is eternal. The Spirit is a Person. The Spirit is the Son. The Comforter. The flow of life.
    • Essential Spirit: Indwell in and dispense life to us for the sustaining and maintenance of our life.
    • Economical Spirit: Outpour upon us for the carrying out of God’s economy and operations.
    • The seven Spirits: For the intensified calling and perfecting of God’s overcomers at the end of the age.
    • The Spirit:  The all-inclusive and compound Spirit of the processed and consummated Triune God.
  • The work of the Spirit: Part of the heavenly ministry of Christ. Mostly for the work of organic salvation.
    • Regeneration: Beget and enliven the believers’ spirits
    • Shepherding
    • Sanctification: Sanctify the believers dispositionally for the Master’s  usage
    • Transformation: Transform the believers in life and nature
    • Renewal: Renew the believers’ minds
    • Building: Build up the believers together as the body of Christ in life.
    • Conformation: Conform the believers into the image of God’s Son,
    • Glorification: Transfigure the believers’ body at the final stage of God’s complete salvation.

God’s Complete Salvation

  • Salvation of a tripartite man: Our spirits have been saved, our souls are being saved, and our bodies will be saved.
  • Judicial Redemption: By both God’s righteousness and grace through the redemption of Christ for dealing with our outward sinful deeds.
    • Forgiveness and Cleansing of Sins: Forgive and cleanse away our every sin if we believe and confess
    • Sanctification: Sanctify the believers positionally for the Master’s ownership
    • Reconciliation: God and men may make peace with each other
    • Justification: Approve us according to the standard of His righteousness
  • Organic Salvation: By dispensing the divine life as the life-giving Spirit for the transforming our inward sinful nature.
  • Glorification: The transfiguration of our bodies at the days of the Lord


  • The universal aspect: There is one church in the universe, including all God’s believers throughout the ages and across the entire earth, regardless of their backgrounds, races, genders, social status, nations, languages, cultures, etc.
  • The local aspect: The universal church expresses in many localities.
    • The golden lamp-stands: Having God’s divine life and nature, the churches are for God’s expression in many localities.
  • The seven aspects
    • The called ones: “ek”-“klesia”
    • God’s house: For God’s rest, pleasure, and expression.
    • God’s kingdom: With God’s life. For God’s dominion and expression.
    • The body of Christ: Having the life of Christ, the church submits to Christ as the Head, functioning together as one organic entity.
    • The one new man: Having Christ as her person, mind, emotion, and will.
    • The bride: As Christ’s counterpart.
    • The New Jerusalem: The consummation and aggregation of God’s work throughout the ages. The ultimate mutual dwelling place of God and men. Full joining, mingling, and incorporation of God and men for God’s eternal expression.

(written in a quick way. Further corrections shall be expected. )


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