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    As a lover of Christ and a pursuer of truth, I write down my joys, memories and reflections.

    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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Some spiritual reflections in May

These past month has been one of the most interesting months in my life. Here is a just a brief summary of what I have learned and been enlightened through my experiences.

1. The Lord’s sovereign arrangements

Before my trip to Atlanta for my cousin’s graduation, I had many questions concerning the problems in the church and issues in my personal life. In Atlanta, I had the opportunity to have a close and intimate fellowship with one senior brother.

This brother, though clearly a leading and responsible brother, was quite humble and empty. When speaking, he spoke in the spirit, not in the flesh. He quickly earned my inner respect, and while he shared many things from his heart, I also shared some of my questions and problems with him. Skipping the details, one precious thing he helped me to realize is that all things, people, and events that happened around and upon us are all under the Lord’s sovereign arrangements. Even for something that is so impossible, unimaginable, or evil, it is still under His arrangements or permission for our growth and benefits. If we failed to see that, we would suffer much yet in vain. Eventually the Lord would still arrange other situations to force us to turn to Him. Speaking of my own experiences, I now realize that the Lord does use and arrange all the situations to force us to turn to Him in a genuine, desperate, and deeper way, not just to show us that He is the sovereign Lord and we need Him, but to help us to grow in life.

2. The church is the church

This point seems so ordinary and mundane, but it actually requires some spiritual revelation and seeing to understand this precious fact that regardless how degraded the church or how fleshly and unkindly the saints appear to be, the church is the church, and all the saints are part of the one church from now on unto New Jerusalem.

I actually understand and even prophesied concerning this point myself before, but sometimes the vision does become dimmed. This time, while I went to the Lord and  questioned Him some of the “unthinkable” and “unreasonable” things and people in the church, He reminded and refreshed me once again that the church is the church. He has committed Himself to her according to His eternal covenant. And whatever the conditions the saints are at, they are my brothers and sisters from now on unto eternity in the kingdom and in the New Jerusalem. A lot of times I would try to imagine an ideal and perfect church and church life. But this time the Lord helped me to see that the church is not something ideal and perfect in the heaven, but the touchable and tangible saints to and with whom I talk and interact; I am a small member, or even  a lowly servant of the household of God. The right is not given to me to judge and condemn anyone, or to measure the status of the church. All I can do is to love my brothers and sisters, to build up the church and with one another. Praise the Lord for the glorious church!

3. Walk by faith

Like I said earlier, the past month has probably been the most hectic and crazy week of my life. The story began with my company got sold, all the major executives and senior engineers left, the stressful employer-employee negotiation, my team launched a major project we have been working on for months, I got a couple pending job offers, and then ended with my resignation. While struggling with all these chaotic events, I must admit that I was quite suffering and confused, not knowing what to do or act. Yet I did keep turning to the Lord, so I may maintain my composure.

Anyway, during all these chaotic and dark hours, I think I learned experientially for the first time on what is walking by faith. On the one hand, right around the time I was gonna submit my resignation, the Lord dealt with me in an intensified way, exposing my true conditions, asking my confessions and corrections. On the other hand, the Lord encouraged me to trust Him, seemingly asking me to walk forward with my eyes closed. While imagining that a mature Christian would be able to walk long and far by faith like Abraham did, now I realize that I am still a young and immature Christian, just beginning to learn and experience one of the most basic and foremost trait and character of a genuine Christian.

May the Lord continue to lead and make straight my paths which He set before me, and I shall walk by faith thoughout my earthly journey and run the race with His abundant supply and grace.



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