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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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今事, 昔逝, 永世

草枯花謝衣泛黃 (彼前1:24)
驕傲私慾夢一場 (約壹 2:16)
蒼海桑田何所望 (詩 90:10)
人事愁煩心徬徨 (傳 1:18)

子成肉體神羔羊 (約1:29)
 (太27, 可15)
救贖功成永讚賞 (羅3:24, 來 9:12)
復活升天王之王 (太28:7, 徒1:11, 提前 6:15)

生命道路祂中藏 (約14:6)
真理得勝莫能擋 (徒19:20)
萬民歸倚約新章 (來8:8-13)
主名傳揚在萬邦 (太28:19, 可16:15)

喜樂滿溢歡笑揚 (帖前5:16, 羅14:17)
靈中自由任遨翔 (林後3:17, 加5:1)
重生變化發榮光 (約3:3, 羅12:2, 林後3:18)
聖俗永隔如參商 (羅6:19, 帖前5:23)

召會齊聚樂未央 (林前14:26, 來10:25)
身體建造相扶將 (羅12:5, 林前12:24)
廢律除恨拆隔牆 (弗2:14-16)
全房聯結新人長 (弗2:21-22, 15)

天地逝去列國亡 (啟21:1)
錫安山頂聖城降 (啟21:2)
新婦等候披白裳 (啟21:2, 19:14)
那靈活水永世嘗 (啟22:17)

A.C. 2010.7.2

Inspired by Br Builder Hsu’s poetic spirit, I started to pay attention to Chinese literature lately. This poem was one of my few attempts to write a poem. The whole poem came together in one night with many looking into the Bible, literature, and dictionary. With the help from Br. Paul Lee, who has great prowess in Chinese literature, I also tuned some of words.I spent quite some time trying to tune with many permutation of words to make it better. In the time, following some saints’ suggestions, I will work with some other saints to come up with a melody.

Overall I learned quite a bit about writing a poem, and realized how the poets in the ancient times come up with a poem. However, Chinese literature is not the primary focus, but Christ is all and in all!

To Him be the honer and glory forever and ever. Amen.

*蒼海桑田: 比喻世界上的事變化極大

*參商: 喻有差别;有距离。

*未央: 未尽;无已。

*扶將: 搀扶,扶持


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