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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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30 characters of a mature Christian

  1. A mature Christian recognizes that it is of God who shows mercy and grace, and he or she is always grateful for whatever is provided and arranged.
  2. A mature Christian walks by faith, by trusting the inner leadings in spirit rather than the reasoning of the mind or outward signs.
  3. A mature Christian constantly finds the Lord’s presence in his or her spirit, the hiding place of the most High. (The tabernacle tour)
  4. A mature Christian stretches his or her root deep, directly drawing joy and supply from the Lord Himself.
  5. A mature Christian keeps a clean conscience toward God and men by frequent confession.
  6. A mature Christian has a pure heart only toward the Lord, desiring nothing other than Himself.
  7. A mature Christian vigilantly and faithfully waits for the Lord’s return.
  8. A mature Christian doesn’t seek glory for himself or herself, or expect praise from other people.
  9. A mature Christian doesn’t love or protect the soul life, self, or natural man.
  10. A mature Christian continues to empty his or her prejudice or knowledge gained from prior experiences.
  11. A mature Christian is one without respect of persons, not judging people by their background, race, or social status.
  12. A mature Christian never judges or condemn his or her brothers and sisters, always forgiving and never stumbling.
  13. A mature Christian interprets the Lord’s leading in situations while not being effected by them.
  14. A mature Christian always rejoices, not easily provoked by external factors or stirred up emotionally.
  15. A mature Christian knows that the single most effective way to get things accomplished is prayer.
  16. A mature Christian is always genuine and spontaneous, not trying to play roles or pretend to be godly.
  17. A mature Christian expresses the Lord through his or her human virtues and love toward others.
  18. A mature Christian loves, cares and acts for others’ spiritual growth.
  19. A mature Christian is forbearing and accommodating to all people and conditions.
  20. A mature Christian doesn’t poise him or herself as authority, or demand in a religious or doctrinal way but in the way of life.
  21. A mature Christian genuinely feel happy for and satisfied with others’ successes and progresses, not feeling envy of them.
  22. A mature Christian is empathetic and merciful toward others’ sufferings, able to touch and mourn with the suffering ones.
  23. A mature Christian is quite ordinary, not appearing to be outstanding or special.
  24. A mature Christian is not cynical and is one who manages his or her mouth well, never complaining or murmuring.
  25. A mature Christian can properly probe and weight others’ spiritual condition and health by his or her own spirit.
  26. A mature Christian knows the difference between service by natural effort and by the Lord’s grace and provision.
  27. A mature Christian preaches the gospel by his or her living, and bears many fruits organically.
  28. A mature Christian fellowships, builds up, and coordinates with various people, especially with his or her peers, able to both lead or submit properly within his or her measure in the body.
  29. A mature Christian practices one accord or even one soul, knowing how to think the same thing and have the same mind.
  30. Lastly, a mature Christian follows the greatest and first commandment, a commandment to love the Lord with the whole heart and with the whole soul and with the whole mind, and the second greatest commandment to love his or her neighbors as him or herself.

Actually a mature Christian, like a masterpiece of the Lord, is beyond description in words, yet his or her being testifies the delicate and crafty work of the Master. Anyway, above is my humble attempt to describe a mature Christian. While falling short of what I described by far, I, by His mercy and grace, do aspire to be a mature Christian one day.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks

  2. Yes and Amen! In summary, a mature Christian is one that lives Christ. And a maturing Christian can surely taste these 30 Character traits, if he is one experiencing them. It is not us or our own righteousness, but our enjoyment of Him in the secret place that brings about all the 30 traits. Somehow, late this evening, I was led to this link while seeking out the “splendor of the Olive tree” in Hosea 14, which by man’s view, an Olive tree is not that splended, but to God it is; something mysterious and something hidden that only God appreciates. Yet man also benefits from its fruit. I was very touched that prior to visiting this site, the 30th point, Loving God above all and loving our neighbors as himself, was the summary fellowship I had just received in my seeking this evening/early morning. Reading thru each of these points, I noted that each is just a description of the life of Jesus in reality or it is the experience we have as He leads us in our fellowship with Him. I did not feel the 30 points of Character were commandments or requirements, like that in Matthew Chapters 5 to 7, but that they simply stated the result of one who lives in fellowship with the God. I could taste each trait described! May the Lord lead each of us into living Christ, without murmuring or reasoning, knowing the cross, seeking to know God Himself and expressing Him daily while we are beholding and reflecting Him, as a mirror. Lord Jesus, we seek to know You more by following the tabernacle tour of meeting You at the Altar, the cross, confessing our sins, then being washed inwardly and entering into the tent to feast on you as the Bread of Life, to then, by feeding on You, to be enlightened by You as the Lampstand, the light of life and to touch You in prayer so sweet, so as to lead us into our spirit to experience You more deeply as the Ark, wherein is the golden cup with the hidden manna, the budding rod of Aaron and the testimony of the Ten words (commandments) found only in the Ark, only in the Lord Jesus Himself. Lord, these are the experiences of You we want, to go deeper. Here there is also the blood shed, on the cover of the Ark, which is also the place where God can freely speak to us: A quiet place, a place where we forget all matters, all situations, all persons and can focus only on God Himself and enjoy being with Him, so as to become this kind of maturing Christian, who lives Christ and not himself. Who seeks God’s glory and not his own, who cherishes others and is burdened for others to know Christ Jesus our Lord, etc., etc. I could go on and on in prayer, as He inspires us to be with Him.

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