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    May God lead us all into the secret of His presence, and build us into the oneness of His body in love.
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3 spiritual traps to a pursuing Christian

The word “trap” here denotes subtle risk or block that could slow down or stumble one’s progress.  The spirital trap does that to spiritual progress of a Christian, and it does so only to those who are seeking and pursuing, not to those who are cold or lukewarm.

  1. The trap of work: After a Christian is touched by the Lord and become burning in spirit and active in soul, the trap of work often comes in. It seems inevitable that a Christian would need to go through this cycles of doing much by natural strength, got exposed, and then learn the lesson of ceasing service by natural strength.  We need to see that the Lord doesn’t desire any service by our natural strength but by Christ and His grace alone. “A Christian who cannot stop working for the Lord’s sake cannot work for the Lord’s sake.” We need to learn to find the balance between active and passive, doing and not doing, and standing and walking. Even while being burning and active, we still need to learn the lesson to stop before the Lord, seek His will, and rely on His grace and supply to carry out His work. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of in ourselves. It is He who initiates all things, He who carries out all the work, and He who gains all the glory. Praise Him!
  2. The trap of submission: A Christian is often taught of the virtues of humility, meekness, brokenness, so on and so forth, and often desires these virtues as signs of growth and maturity. I am by no mean speaking light of these virtues. But we need to admit that is a tendency among pursuing Christians to accept all the conditions and dealings unconditionally and consider this as a virtue. However, we need to see that there is a spiritual warfare going on between God and Satan. We are the battlefield where this war is fought, and as long as we are for the Lord’s interests, it is inevitable that Satan’s power and influence would tap into our situations. At times, it may not be entirely fitting for us to accept all conditions; there is a need to discern the source of power behind the situations that happen to us. If it is out of God, we need to yield and accept unconditionally, but if it is not out of God but evil, we need to stand firm against and pray the the kingdom of God would prevail. Having said that, all things are under God’s permission and authority.
  3. The trap of spirituality: This is probably the more subtle one. Spirituality is not spiritual pride, which is not desired and should be purged.  But spiritual pride is not a trap because it is observable and we dislike it, at least at the mental level.  But the trap of spirituality is something more subtle.  Why would spirituality would be a trap? Isn’t it we are all after? Yes and no. We need to see God’s goal and the goal is a building, the body of Christ, which will consummate in the New Jerusalem. Individual spirituality, if measured according to the statue of God’s house, is all together not the goal and irrelevant. In fact, if individual spirituality cannot help a member be built into the body, it is useless. In reality and looking back in history, it seems true, which I can be wrong, that quite some “spiritual” people are quite individualistic and not so “builtable. ” They often exhibit some kind of peculiarity or character of individualism. A truly and genuinely spiritual Christian should be the mos forbearing, flexible and builtable. What we need today is not  to pursue individual spirituality but to live Christ in the body together with other members. Praise the Lord for the body!

Lord! I cry out to You for salvation.
Save me from these traps.
Without You I am hopeless and incurable.
Teach me to come to You
Cause me to be more open to You.


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