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The church as the divine organism

Praise the Lord for the church, the Body of Christ, the mysterious organism in God’s economy!

In the beginning of the message Br. Andrew mentioned, while many of us thought we know about the church, yet we need to pay special attention to the utterance in this message concerning the church as the divine and mysterious organism.

The church is not a man-made organization by an organism produced by God, and this organism can bear fruits!

And this message spoke of 5 characteristics of this divine organism: it has a structure! It undergoes  metamorphic changes! It grows! It lives, and it serves and functions!

First of all, the structure of this divine organism is the hybrid entity of the Triune God, the divine element and all the believers, the human element, being added, mingled and incorporated together.

Secondly, the metamorphic change of this divine organism is the daily process of tearing down the old elements, building up and be replaced with Christ, the new and divine element.

Thirdly, the growth of this divine organism in the divine life. The Bible said well in

Ephesian 4:11-12, “And He Himself gave some as apostles and some as prophets and some as evangelists and some as shepherds and teachers, For the perfecting of the saints unto the work of the ministry, unto the building up of the Body of Christ,”

Here are 2 main points. The first is that the way is to duplicate yourself. We need to perfect others to be like ourselves. We need to keep up the vitality, encourage one another to exercise and prophecize, preach the gospel and take care of others. No one is these things by birth but all by exercise. Another is summarized in the 7 sub-points in 2b:

Out from the head. All the body. Being joined together. Through every joint of supply. The operation in the measure of each one part. It grows gradually. Unto the organic building of itself.

There are a lot of riches in these 7 points, but the keyword here is “mutuality” We need to find a companion to care, share, and prayer together. You can be in a group of pursuing saints exercising the spirit but until you pray and share with someone, you are not joined together. We also need to be a joint of supply, to shepherd, care, nourish, and cherish others. You may be young but you can be a supplier. We are supplied by others and we supply others.

The fourth characteristic is the living of this divine organism. This living is corporate and organic. A corporate living is not individual.We need to take Christ as life and our living needs to be governed by the law of Spirit of life in Roman 8. We are enlivened in the mind of our soul and in our mortal body, putting to death the practices of the body through the indwelling spirit of God.

Lastly, the service of the divine organism.We need to see every member in the Lord recovery is necessary, every member functions, and every member preaches the gospel! We are not interested in perfecting just one group for clergy system. We firmly believe that every single member can function. You can function. I can function. Don’t let that right and privilege to be robbed by anything. Br Andrew said in a joking way that, you don’t need to an elder or coworker to come around and say to you that you are a promising and chosen brother. Forget about it. Just exercise the spirit and be vitalized. Start to care for one another. Then you will be useful, and you are de facto, a real responsible brother.

Now, I would like to conclude by reading Br. Lee’s conclusion in this series  of messages:

This is the organic service of the Body of Christ. It is for everybody, and it is in a priesthood. Everyone preaches the gospel to save sinners, everyone nourishes the believers, everyone perfects the saints, and everyone prophesies. In this way, all of us will arrive at a full-grown stage, and the Body of Christ will be built up. … I hope that the brothers and sisters would see that in the organism of the Triune God, … everything is organic and must be organic. For this reason, we saw clearly that we have to change the system. … The changing of the system can bring us gradually into the organic living and service of the Body of Christ. May the Lord be merciful to us.

My prophesying note for the re-speaking meeting
at the church in San Jose on 6.12.2011
For Message 6 of Memorial Day Conference,
The Church as the Body of Christ
–the Mysterious Organism in God’s New Testament Economy


2 Responses

  1. what message is this – when was it given and where? It is so encouraging to hear it. I realized that we shouldn’t be “directed” by any of the elders or responsible ones to do something – just pick up the burden to go to the Lord and pray desperately to make you vital! And then, as you deal with Him, just pick up another brother / sister that the Lord puts in your way – and be vital together!

    [thanks for this sharing. I need to get into it more… so enlightening!]

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the encouraging comment. It was message 6 of Memorial Day Conference 2011 at Dallas, the Church as the Body of Christ–the Mysterious Organism in God’s New Testament Economy.

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