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Some reflections on Jeremy Lin

This week the world is watching Jeremy Lin. And after I watches one of his video, I cannot keep my eyes off his games. Though this blog is not about sports or celebrity, there are things I see in Jeremy that may draw some reflections on life and Christian pursuit.

He graduated from Harvard with excellent academic achievements along the way. He could give up his basketball career for any other conventional and affluent career any step along the way. Yet he has always loved and kept playing basketball throughout high school, college, and now NBA. Given that a professional career in NBA is tough, he surprisingly never gave up his pursuit as a basketball player. Even after all the down times, such as un-drafted, twice being released, and being a benchwarmer all the time, he kept going. And one day, all his hard work and and struggles are paid off, and he began to shine as a star.

No doubt he is good. But he touches me partly because he is a good and unselfish basketball player and I like to play basketball, partly because he is an asian American from Taiwan and also a faithful Christian. But what really touched me is that he plays the basketball simply because he loves basketball, and he kept pursuing his goal throughout all the lows and trenches. And while he plays basketball, he gave his all, his focus, attention, and strength for it.

We Christians need to learn how to live and do things in Christ out of a pure heart and motivation for Christ. If our goal and satisfaction is Christ and Christ along, there is nothing that may distract us from the Lord, and our living and church life would never become a religious duty. Just as basketball is not a job to Jeremy, Bible, church life, and Christ is not a duty to Christians. We need to love the Lord with our whole being, strength, heart, soul, and mind with no reservation. Such love for Christ would keep us going in turmoils and awful circumstances. And while we are Christians, we cannot be content with just being a mediocre one. We need to have an aspiration to set high standards as Christians. This means, while reading Bible, we need to study with an focusing mind and not content with shallow understanding, while praying, we need to love the Lord with a burning and contact Him regularly and diligently and not content with religious duties, while shepherding others, we need to genuinely love the saints and care their being.

Lastly, I like his humorous and humble heart.


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