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Testimony for Sister Lee: How she lived and how she died.

Bro Andrew Yu:

We’re all here to remember sis Lee, she’s very very dear to us. I want to share something that impress me when she went away to be with the Lord, and I’m sure that the other brothers have together impressions concerning sister Lee’s life and sis Lee’s death. I think there is much to learn both from bro Lee and sis Lee about how they lived. How they died and how they went to be with the Lord. Their living was a God-man living and death was a God-man death. On May 1, the day after sis Lee passed away. I wrote to bro Ron and bro Ed. I said, the one word that came to my mind throughout the whole process of her passing, was the word maturity. I want to share a little bit about this word because it has really impressed me these last 3 weeks. The whole process while sis Lee was dying, was here there is a living example of one who was fully mature. I picked out two verses. One from S.S. 8 and 2 Cor. 5. The way you live determine the way you die. You go away to the Lord. If you live in a noble way, you go away in a noble way, if you live in a poor way, you go away in a poor way. When I was thinking about sis Lee’s going away, first of all, about an hour and 40 mins before she went to be with the Lord on April 30th, 11:07am, she asked to be lifted up to sit down by the bed and she was leaning on the shoulder of her granddaughter Esther Chen. While she was doing that, her feet was somewhat dangling from the bed and she was motioning as if she was trying to walk, she was trying to go on. The picture that came to me was S.S. 8, “who is this who comes up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?” (v. 5) And the wilderness here is not the worldly world but the physical world that is, it describes a person who is so mature that she is going out of this world to meet the Lord. And the way she is doing that is she has lost all her natural strength. So she is leaning on her beloved. I think it’s a wonderful picture of our sister. When I consider the life of our sister, it’s a life that is fully mature until there is nothing more to be done. And the only thing that is left to do is to wait for the Lord’s coming back or the rapture of our body. So I have this verse quoted here, “who is this one that came out from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved.” Then the Lord said to this seeker, and I’m sure that this was the word that the Lord spoke to our sister, “I awaken you under the apple tree,” under the full supply of the grace of the Lord.” There your mother was in labor with you” That’s the life of our sister that she has been fully under the grace of the Lord and the Lord’s labor worked out a masterpiece in our sister. “There she was in labor and brought you forth.” And then the person that speaks switched again and it’s the lover who says, “set me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm, for love is as strong as death.” Now a lot of you when you think of sis Lee, you may not think of the word love but I’m telling you, here is a sister that is in love with the Lord.

Well we’ll share with you something more tomorrow about her favorite hymns but her favorite hymns are loves to the Lord. Here is one example of a mature one having gone through all the processes. I don’t know how many of us can say, well, everything is done, the only thing I am waiting for is the final consummation which is the redemption of my body. Well, I believe sis Lee could say that. In fact, while she was waiting for her being taken to the Lord, she said, Lord release me, let me go. Now that is not a prayer of asking for deliverance from pain because she had no pain. It was not a deliverance from anxiety because she had no anxiety. It’s a prayer because she wants to be with the Lord. She wants to see the Lord whom she loved.

Then the second portion that came to me and I shared that in the Korean speaking conference that is sis Lee is the living side of bro Lee. What I mean is this: Bro Lee is the ministry and here is the living of the ministry. Of course, bro Lee’s living is also a living that supports that ministry. But sis Lee’s living was one that’s bro Lee’s living and it is a living, not so much a work. You’ve never heard sis Lee give a message have you? No. It’s not the work, it is a living. And that living is a living that matches God’s New Testament ministry. In the same way, her death is a death that matches God’s New Testament ministry. And I use 2 Cor. 5 where it talks about a groaning. And that groaning has nothing to do with pain, it’s a groaning that is one with the Lord. To be unclothed in the physical body so that she can take on the resurrected body, the new tabernacle. And some time ago, I came across this portion in the ministry, in v. 5, or v. 6 where it says, “for this purpose.” For what purpose? For the purpose of being raptured to the Lord, God has wrought us. And this wroughting is a kind of shaping. And bro Lee said, When you go to a shoe shop, you buy shoes to fit your feet. In this case, God grows our feet so that it would fit the shoes. Some of us said that if we die then we put on the resurrected body that is custom made. But hang on, because that garment that we’ll put on instead of custom made to fit our situation, we’re growing into that situation. And I will tell you this, that sis Lee has fully grown into that garment, which reminds me of a story and that story I can pass on the time to another.

Bro and sis Lee were married in 1960. Before they got married, bro Lee decided to make two shoes. He didn’t make it. He asked people to make it. Two pairs of shoes for sis Lee. Because sis Lee when she grew up her feet were slightly smaller so it has to be custom made. And because sis Lee was very cognizant that she was serving bro Lee in a supporting role, and she didn’t want to become the center of attention to anything so she had a lot of reservation when she was wearing those two pairs of shoes. Well, I think in the present case, it’s not the shoes that are fitting her feet. Now her feet has grown into these other pair of shoes. And I would tell sis Lee there is no reservation now for you to wear those pair of shoes. You are more than qualified to put on those pair of shoes. Well, I was thinking of these two passages, so I say again, they conjure up in me an image of a pattern of one that is mature in life, fully ready, fully ready to be taken to the Lord. I was thinking about Genesis. That was Abraham. It says that he lived to his full age. Then there was Isaac, and it also says, he lived to his full age. Sis Lee lived to her full age not only physically, but spiritually, she lived to her full age so that she is fully, fully prepared to put on that new garment and now she is in transfiguration. I’m very happy for our sister but I would like myself to be always reminded that as much as it is in the book of Heb. 13, that we should consider the life of those that are ahead of us, we should especially consider the issue, the end of the manner of life. And when I consider our sister, I think may the Lord make all of us to be mature so that we can be prepared either for the Lord’s coming back or our going to Him, to put on a new body.

Testimony of a sister who took care of sister Lee from this afternoon’s burial:

Sis Lee. What a treasure to us and what a treasure to the Lord. I was privileged in my years of serving bro and sis Lee in their course to observe and witness what a pattern she was in taking care of bro Lee. The way that she took care of him enabled him to be free, unencumbered and released to focus on the Lord’s word and to minister to the Lord. She always served him first. She always took care of his needs before her own. She served his meals before her own, ensured that he rested in the afternoon before she did, and I never saw her retire for the night before he did. She always made sure he was settled before she herself would rest. She even took the restriction of staying home for the meeting when he was staying home, she would not go without him. And then in his latter years, he wanted her to stay home with him all the time and asked her even not to go to the sisters’ Thursday morning prayer meeting (Note: Sis Lee started this prayer group to support the ministry in prayer and to bring many sisters into praying for the ministry) which she loved. Willingly, lovingly, she submitted to his request. I never witnessed any friction between them and the house always had a calm atmosphere. She was a fellow bondslave of Jesus Christ, often considering herself an unworthy slave, not thinking of herself as anything special and never expecting to be worthy to receive anything. She never thought that the Lord would provide such care for her at the end of her life. She felt like she was a burden to us and would pray, Lord, release me for all those around me. Despite our reassurance to her that her care was the Lord’s provision and for her a divine arrangement. She was still concerned that she was still keeping them from their lives and families. We told her, sis Lee, it’s a privilege. In all the years of serving with her and bro Lee, I never saw her lose her temper and she always kept her composure even with the pain in the beginning of her illness was so bad, she would retain her composure and her dignity. One thing that has stood out to me was that she was so proper in all her relationships. We as serving ones, never experience any honey in our serving with her. Everything was so proper and for the building up of the Body. She told us that she saw us serving ones as precious building materials for the Lord’s Body. And our experiences with her and with one another were for God’s building. After hearing the fellowship on prayer from the Thanksgiving conference, she said to me, we need to pray. We need to spend all our time on prayer. We should have no small talk, no gossip. The Lord told me that I don’t have much time left and that I need to spend my time now in prayer. That’s right. Turn all the gossip into prayer and all our criticism to prayer. This is what I witnessed until the day she went to be with the Lord. She loved the Lord so much and His recovery. She loved the Lord’s appearing and couldn’t wait to be with Him. One day in March, she had an episode because her blood pressure dropped very low. She was sitting in the chair and it gave her the feeling that she was passing. “I’m going! Hallelujah!” She was so joyful. “Bless Your church! Bless Your recovery!” She was praying. She was so elated, thinking, now’s the time He’s going to take me. She wanted her last words before she passed to be prayer. We laid her down on the bed and she came back, she recovered, much to her disappointment. She said, “Why did you bring me back? Why didn’t you let me go?” “Sorry, sis Lee, it’s not your time yet.” Her illness did not take any ordinary cause. Actually, what I told her would happen when one dies, never happened. She never got sleepier or become unconscious and passed away like a normal dying person would normally do with metastatic cancer. No. In the last few weeks she became more awake, she was reciting verses and declaring. She had more life. The medicine that we had given her which should have the side effect of causing drowsiness did not have this effect on her at all. She was more awake The cause of her passing was not according to the medical textbooks. It baffled us and the medical doctors. What we were seeing was one whose physical body was getting weaker but all her vital organs were still functioning despite her not having any food for 35 days. And there was an unexplained energy within her that just seemed to get stronger and stronger. Her spirit was becoming stronger and stronger and we saw it even giving life to her mortal body. 4 days before she passed, she said to me, “I want to bless you. What do you want?” I said, “Oh, sis Lee, I need more God.” She said, “Oh Lord, bless her with more God! More Jesus, more God!” And then she said, “How do you get more God?” I proceeded to tell her. Then she was silent. I realized that she was letting me answer my own question. “Yes, that’s the way to get more God. Go practice what you spoke to me.” I felt like she was full, she was mature in life, she was ready to meet the Lord. The morning she passed away, she wanted to sit on the edge of the bed and she did so for 1 hour and 40 minutes until she passed away. She sat with her head resting on her granddaughter’s, Esther’s, shoulder. She did not want to lie down. We noticed, her breathing was changing, and thought, maybe she’s going. Those of us who were with her in the room decided to sing and pray and declare Jesus is God. She was holding on to Esther’s arm and walking with her legs. She said quietly, “I’m going. I’m going. Can I go? Can I go?” “我走了。我走了。我可以走?我可以走?” “Yes”, Esther and I said in unison, “You can go.” “Hallelujah,” she said with a smile, “I’m going, I’m going.” And after a short while, her breathing just slowed down and she went. She walked with God and then was not. (Note: Just like Enoch who “walked with God, and he was not…” in Gen. 5:24) It was glorious. We witnessed her being translated. She just went. Praise the Lord for our sister. Her passing was victorious. I have to say that in my knowing of her, I can testify from what I witnessed in her living and in her dying that in nothing she was put to shame but humbly in her body she magnified Christ. Praise the Lord for such a pattern that the Lord has given us.

Below is a list of the hymns that we sang during her burial. I will only post the first lines and hymn number (if applicable) and a short description that was printed on the bottom of the page in the booklet this morning. Some I may include the whole song because it is not available in the hymnal. Click on the link if you would like to sing it to the tune that we sang during the meeting.

1. Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet… (Hymns, #171)

– The above is one of the three hymns selected by Brother Witness Lee at his wedding to Sister Lee in February 1960.

2. Deep down into the depths of this Thy Name… (Hymns, #671)

– The above hymn was sung frequently by both Brother Lee and Sister Lee toward the end of their lives.

3. Jesus! That name we love… (Hymns, #65)

– Sister Lee loved this hymn and sang it to her sister-in-law many times, and she had her granddaughter sing it to her a few times during the last few months of her life.

4. Dearest of All (Not available in English; Chinese Hymns, #393)

We sang this hymn both in English and Chinese over and over again.

– The above is another favorite hymn of Sister Lee. It also was sung at her wedding to Brother Lee. There is no English equivalent to this hymn. The above is a free translation of the hymn.

5. Thy name is sweet as ointment poured forth… (Hymns, #556)

– Sister Lee taught this hymn to her granddaughter when they were still living at 1817 W. Ball Road, Anaheim.

6. What Miracle! What Mystery!

– On the evening of April 27, 2013, three days before her departure, when the full-time trainee sisters gathered by her window to sing to her, she requested that this song be sung.

7. Jesus is God, hallelujah!

Jesus is God, hallelujah!

Jesus is God, hallelujah!

Jesus is God, hallelujah!





(Sung in English and Chinese to the tune of English Hymns, #1025)

This hymn is not in the hymnal nor in the booklet they gave us this morning. One of the non-Chinese sisters taking care of sister Lee was taught by her how to say “Jesus is God” in Chinese. Together they declared it so much that this sister started singing it to the tune of the stanzas in Hymns, #1025 and they sang it mostly in Chinese over and over again. Sis Lee declared that Jesus is God over and over again and made sure the saints who were with her shortly before she passed would also declare this strongly and firmly together with her.

by L.C.

Anaheim, CA

20 May 2013


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